Thursday, October 28, 2010

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I should not have bought them, I should have walked right past them and not even bothered to stop, but I didn't. They fit, they were the perfect length, and the perfect price. I needed a pair of jeans that weren't going through at the knees, I needed a pair of jeans that were comfy. I needed a pair of jeans for work - I needed a pair of jeans.

So I bought them.

We come home and I washed them.

Then I wore them.

At first they were fine.

It began partway through the day.

They got baggy.

I pulled them up.

They got baggy again.

I pulled them up.

I bent over to pick up the paint pots,

they sagged down again.

I pulled them up - again - and again - and then again.

I got home and washed them.

Gave them a second chance.

It was a total repeat.

No - more - chances!!

What a waste - so cranky - need to do something about this situation.

So I made two bags. I needed some value for my $30.00 jeans and here it is.

I must tell you, I got my revenge, or so I thought, however, I don't like the first bag at all. I have packed it away, thinking I will donate it, because I can't stand looking at it just yet.
Bag front.

Bag back.

This bag made from the legs of the jeans, I love it, I love the size of it, and I love the colour of it. I was going to put a few doilies on it for decoration, but now leaving it plain, because sometimes I like plain, this way I can dress it up with a brooch or scarf to match my outfit. I like options, I like to be free.
The bow is tied using the seams from the legs of the jeans, this is how I use my bag right now. I like this bag, this bag is good.

Oh and I did get me a 'new' pair of jeans.

I went to the op-shop, paid $5.00 for a pair of jeans still with the tags on them.

They fit.

They stay up.

They stay up all day.

They stay up all day even when I bend down to pick up the paint pots.

They stay up - again - and again - and again - and again.

it's Karma baby - that's all there is to it - Karma!

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Rosie said...

Non-fitting clothes must be the theme of the week! I love the 2nd bag too...its looks the perfect size for carry around craft and books.

Sasha said...

LOL - I am glad that you got your revenge on that nasty pair of jeans by cutting them up. You are right, the deep indigo colour is fabulous for a bag :-)

AlyshaJane said...

hehe Jeans:0 Joyce:1! Love how you reused the jeans. Very creative!

Penelope said...

Ahh there is nothing like a little revenge on fabric, oh so satisfying ! I am loving your sencond bag too and agree that there is a time any place for plain xox so pleased you got your jeans to wear too, hooorayyy xox

sylviesgarden said...

Aha the sweet smell of revenge! Great idea and so glad that you found a pair that fit.

'Joyce' said...

Hullo my dear friends, Thanks so much for your lovely comments. *giggle* oh what a wonderful feeling to make use of such a useless item. I could not believe the darn things just totally fit perfectly in the morning, then stretched themselves silly through the course of the day. I have never experienced that with jeans before, it's ugg! I just so don't like the 'bum' bag I made, and either will donate it or chop it up to use for spare parts elsewhere. Maybe the pockets would make great patches for a shirt, or even a pocket for my shoulder bag, hmmmm, now I DO like that idea.
I am so glad I am not the only one out there that enjoys a bit of revenge with a sewing machine! woo hoo!

MonetPaisley said...

You mean they still make jeans that stay up? I haven't had a pair of those in years :-)

Ken'n'Al said...

I used to use Ken's old ones to make peg bags for the washing line! Make the bum bag bit slightly longer (cut off at the absolute bottom of crotch) then sew the bottom halves of the legs onto the waistband, so that the ankles stick up into the air. Get a plain wooden coathanger, fold over the ankles and sew to make a channel for the coathanger. Hey presto, a hanging peg bag!

'Joyce' said...

OH WOW, Al, I so totally LOVE that idea, you know what, I am going to make me a peg bag. I no longer have the legs of the jeans, but that isn't going to stop me. I have other fabric that I can use. I love it, thank you, oh sweet revenge is mine! Woo hoo!