Monday, October 25, 2010

Business As Usual.

14 little owls completed. Only 12 of these will make it to the school fete. Two of them are going to be living here, and apparently, according to my eldest, they would love to have more friends made from fabrics that he has chosen from my fabric stash.

Little lego fingers. I have my youngest home here today from school. We were away for the weekend in the caravan with friends and my little man hurt his eye. It's still a bit sore and tears up now and then, so we are home for a quiet day. We had sunscreen on and the kids were eating watermelon and playing with little bugs and hide and seek and all the wonderful outdoor fun that is to be had, he must have rubbed his eye at some stage and has irritated his eye. I just want to keep him out of the weather today and away from anything that may irritate it further.

We have been very busy with lego, finishing owls, hanging washing, drawing and writing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week.


TK said...

sounds like a lovely, soul enhancing kind of day - just perfect to me....mine was a silly mad rush - once again over committing myself to too many things in one day!!! Tomorrow is promising to be much better! Hope your little one's eye is much improved soon. xx

Greedy Nan said...

What I remember most about ye Lego is walking on the tiny pieces in the middle of the night - sore! The owls are another subject all together and have no bad memories at least yet in my life.