Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today We. . . .

Played dress ups with paper.
Cutting out lots of lovely shirts, dresses, pants, shorts and overalls from pretty papers.
Then sticking them down to make our family and friends.
These are super easy to make. Just hand draw your clothing but make sure it will fit the main sheet of paper being used. I sized mine to fit an A4 piece of paper, this then allows for heads and legs depending on how tall your family are. The main paper we used was A3, this allowed plenty of room for grass and sky. Of course if you have the colours, you can also rip your grass, use coloured cup cake papers for the sun, cotton ball clouds, buttons on shirts, if you have old magazines, cut out everyones hair from pics also. You could come up with some wild styles for sure, don't forget your animal family members either, and well, the list really is endless. If you have an abundance of fabric, well go for it, the textures would make wonderful family collage. Corrugated card painted and cut to strips makes a great frame as well. Like I said, endless options for this mega craft afternoon. Too cute! Am thinking what great birthday cards my creative little artists can do, little triangle party hats and all.

While my little crafters were mega busy, I could not resist playing with pretty papers myself, so started on more bookmarks for the school fete, which is scarily around the corner.

Again, anything is go here, pretty fabrics ironed onto stiffening will also work really well and have such a lovely texture. I have used scrapbook papers which I back with a contrasting card to strengthen and this way they are reversible. I then use DMC cotton to match and finish off with little beads. Here you can do buttons, beads, shells, whatever you have that you can thread.

Can you see the sequin on this one too? Lovely.

Apparently we are keeping this bookmark, and it's to go in this book which I will be reading tonight. (Looks like I have been told!)

I made up 16 of these altogether this afternoon.

Today we also played memory game. It's a firm favourite.

Oh and it was a jammie day again here today, however, I decided to wear a dress instead, apparently I was allowed to wear a dress today, because 'Mum's can wear a dress you know!'

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. However, I worked 3 days of last week, completed another assignment (woo hoo!), did my student volunteering at the school, topped with a busy weekend and our holidays began yesterday. I hope to catch up with you all over the next few days in between our holiday busy-ness. I also got a shock to see I have so many new blog friends. Welcome to you all and I can't wait to meet you, if I haven't already.

I hope your holidays are just as wonderful.
Oh Bliss is me, playing with my boys, no clocks, no homework, no packing lunches.
I could so easily be a home-school Mum. *sigh*

Enjoy your lovely days whatever it is you are doing, and I hope to catch up again soon.


Clara said...

So much fun Joyce and the bookmarks are really very nice. I know they will be a hit. I used to do the same with the paper dolls using magazines and old catalogs for designs. Also, our memory game is tucked neatly in our hallway closet as it holds so many memories.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Clara, how wonderful to hear memory was a favourite at your place too. It's such a great game and any age can join in. We love our paper dress ups. The boys were so busy and the bonus is, they kept going. We have a few lovely artworks of family and friends. Thanks so much for stopping by.

TK said...

you have me all inspired with those delightful bookmarks...me thinks these would be cute little inexpensive gifts to give out at festive times like Christmas when mass consumerism just makes me feel ill!! Thanks to you for your creative fresh air!!!

Penelope said...

I think your bookmarks will go down a treat at the school fete. Your family crafting reminds me a little of the charlie and lola books where the author, Lauren Child uses papers and scraps of fabric etc for all her characters and page settings. We met her last year at a local book festival and it was fascinating how she creates her children's books.
We read that famous five about a year ago and it's a firm favourite in our house, it was Enid Blyton's first famous five. Enjoy xox

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hellooooooooooo Joyce!!!!! Nice to have you back!!! Seems as thugh you have been busy though, not relaxing on a tropical island!
what a cute activity day for you and your boys!

Sarah said...

Oh wow it's all so fabulous! You look beautiful, in a headless way, in your dress. Love the paper dolls! Hate the memory game with a passion. I'm no good with my memory. Love your bookmarks esp the one you are keeping. Have a great holiday, may the good weather continue aye?

MonetPaisley said...

love the craft idea, will have to try that one, was running out of ideas fast for school holidays. Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays :-)

'Joyce' said...

Hi Tiffany, oh YES, me don't like the whole Christmas commercial crap either. ugg, makes me sick and each year, I am more and more determined to ignore it. Penelope, oh YES, my little fellow loved watching Charlie and Lola. I would love to be able to have her creative flair. So lovely. lol Hullooooo Alice, it's good to be back, I didn't realise it had been a whole week. lol. tropical island, oh how lovely would that be!! Hi Sarah, oh thank you for your lovely comments. lol. I have the giggles. Yes, I am much better headless that's for sure. I enjoy memory, but never win, my boys are so much better than me, I need to learn to focus on the moment more, but I get so much joy from watching them play and watching their faces as they memorise the cards that I forget to watch the cards !! lol I know, so silly.
Oh Miss MonetPaisley, so in love with your cranes, I have mentioned your blog in my post today, I hope you don't mind. We are going to make some this afternoon. They are just so pretty, thank you so much for a fabulous idea for what looks to be a bit of a stormy afternoon at our place.

Lillabilly said...

LOVE those bookmarks and hooray for The Famous Five! Also, that dress is cute as pie!!