Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Wednesday We. . . .

Got groceries, met up with friends in the park, made rocky road,
Finished off this quilt - (very basic, machine sewn, no hand stitching for this one at all, it's been in the sewing box for about 3 years and I thought my boys would have outgrown the 'toddler' style colours and animals, but they love it.)
of course a picnic with their mates on the new quilt.

Today we also played maths games on the computer.

. . . . and admired this ever changing, stunningly beautiful sky above our heads. (Can you see the little dot of a bird flying just below the darker shade of grey cloud. Flying home to its little family to be snug and safe and warm.)
Out to our backyard to see two mates having a great chatter to each other before they too rush home to their families before the storm.
Gosh I love my camera, wings outstretched, a millisecond of a moment, captured it all it's beauty.

I love private moments like this, so close to creation, breathe it in, let it fill your lungs, taste the sweetness of the breeze just before the first drops even know they are going to fall to earth. Even my boys feel it, they are outside, they are alive, they are part of it, the trees are dancing in the breeze, the birds are squarking home across the sky, calling to their family to come home. Leaves twirling and scattering, clouds gathering and changing form. There must be a thousand shades of grey, merging, reforming, what a stunning show. A granny rug in these greys would be fabulous.

We are about to snuggle in for the afternoon, puzzles, games, reading, might even pop on over to MonetPaisley - thanks so much for the wonderful craft idea, I so love your beautiful mobile. Also if you want to know the story behind the beautiful peace cranes, you can get that information here. I remember reading a book while at school regarding a little girl that was sick in hospital and she made these, did anyone else read this book and do you remember the name of it. I would love to get a copy to read to my boys. I am not sure it's the story of Sadako herself or a modern story of a young girl ill in hospital who was inspired to also make 1000 paper cranes. Any ideas?

Have a wonderful afternoon at your place, thanks for stopping by, and thanks so much for all your wonderful holiday inspiration. I think we need at least another week to get it all done.


TK said...

we too have had shades of grey in our skyline today...with brief pockets of bright blue, wind sharp as sharp can be......its all a great reminder to breathe in the season & enjoy....glad you & your boys are relaxing & enjoying....

MonetPaisley said...

ahhhhhh! thanks for the mention. I too looked into the meaning behind the paper cranes and was pleasantly surprised. I dont think I ever read the book but I think my girls would probably enjoy it in a few years.

Mrs Twins said...

Hello Joyce,
Oh goodness these photos of you doing different activities with the children are just so reminding me of when my twin daughters were little. Oh how I loved getting the paints out and glue etc., Drying their paintings on the washing line. i just love to see little hands at work. I've enjoyed your previous posts just caught up with them. I do apologise for not coming over earlier. I have been busy this end. Blogger was playing up at the weekend too I couldn't get anyone.
Love to you

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Joyce! I had to laugh as I was here thinking "my gosh, she did ALL THIS, and it's only 7:45 in the morning??!!!".. Yes, I'm only on my first morning cup of coffee, here in the U.S.! I THEN looked to see where you are FROM!.. Now that THIS is clear in my mind, I enjoyed reading back several posts back! (loved your crochet necklace!).. I love to crochet too, and am presently working on a sweater!.. Anyways, it's nice to meet you.. I look forward to visiting again, and I am now a follower! Enjoy the REST of your day! ~tina

'Joyce' said...

Hi Tiffany, oh how lovely the pockets of bright blue against the grey.
Miss Monet (May I call you thus?), I will find out re the book and let you know. I would love to read it again.
Mrs Twins, I know how busy you must be right now, November is looming closer and closer. Please don't apologise, I totally understand. Make sure you look after yourself as the weather cools at your place. Thanks so much for stopping by, we are having a wonderful holiday.
Hullo Tina, and so lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello from USA. The crochet necklace is so mega easy to make. I have an order for one and I would like to make a couple more for summer. I am coming over to say hello to your blog now. I so look forward to getting to know you. Thanks again so much.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Have a lovely holidays with your boys Joyce!!!!!

angelina said...

hi joyce, nice bird shot! i totally know what you camera however is always so delayed the good shot is way gone. oh well...a memory for my swollen little brain to hold.x