Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space and a little 'how to. . . . '

✂ Kids finished with their old magazines?
✂ You see them cutting out pictures to stick on their school books, then discarding perfectly good pictures/pages?
✂ You see $5.50 going to landfill?
✂ You see red?
✂ You need to have a spring clean and have piles of 'upcycling' in your studio ready to be converted and moved on, cause you are now covering the floor of your studio with 'jobs'?
✂ School fete is breathing down your neck, and comments have already been asked what you are making this year?

Did you answer 'yes' to any of the above?
So make bookmarks!

I wanted to do a ribbon tail for the bookmarks, but apparently according to my big boy (7.5) this is not cool, and they should be left as is. They both loved them, and decided they needed five each. *ahem* I was going to make them for the school fete, so I have claimed them back. They can choose two each when I am finished them all.

This has been a wonderful task as I can't knit or crochet at the moment, despite my backlog of scarves and squares I would love to get done, however, I cannot do 'nothing' either, so I am clearing a space in my studio, getting a few tasks 'done', starting on my fete corner (yes, I have a corner in my studio that is fete dedicated this time of year) and despite feeling totally useless, am making myself a little useful.

Pop on over to kootoyoo to see what everyone else has been making and add your creative space to the list. I would love to see what you are doing too.

The following set of photos were taken when I put the elastic through my round mandala for my boys stools. It is pretty easy to see from the photos how I have done it. You will just have to excuse my terrible dry skin. After nursing a household of sick these last three weeks, I have been constantly washing my hands, (in the hopes that 1. I would not get it (!) and 2. It's just plain yick to wipe your kids, lime green snotty nose without washing hands).
When you have finished your circle, do a row of chain around the whole thing to create the base point to which you add the elastic.
Cut your elastic to size and join with a knot.
Do your row of chain around the circle, but this time incorporate your elastic as you can see from the following photos.

Ta-Da there you have it, a set of covered kids seats ready for play.

Have a lovely day at your place. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Sarah said...

Those seats are so jolly and happy looking - I just love them. Fab little idea to make bookmarks for the school fair. Kids love to spend a little money and don't really care what it is they have bought. At least they will be able to use the bookmarks. Sorry to hear you all have bugs too. We need some serious sun do we not?

Crochet with Raymond said...

very good idea for school fetes Joyce!
Thanks for the tutorial on the elastic, its such a great idea, and I actually needed to know how to do that as I have a little stool which needs mandala-ing!
I may need to ask your tips in the future when I have finished my next few projects!
Have a lovely day

'Joyce' said...

Hi Sarah and Alice, Yes, it seems come school fete, the money is totally burning holes in little pockets and the kids just don't really care what they buy as long as they have that experience of choosing something, pulling out their coins and handing the money over for their 'treasures'. I love making for the school fete, it also helps me 'spring clean' at the same time. Oh I hope you are not all germy like us here. I normally love winter, but the last few weeks have been horrid to our little family and the sooner this weather organises itself the better. Get well soon at your place too.
Oh Alice, you are welcome, the elastic is a cinch, I don't have the fine round hat elastic here, so used what I had on hand, it worked just fine and is super easy to incorporate into the chain around the outside. More than happy to share and I look forward to seeing your new little table.

The Clip Cafe said...

LOVE those last pics -- they look great on the IKEA chairs :-)

Casey said...

thanks for sharing how to add the elastic! I want to make some covers for our ikea stools soon

Miss Muggins said...

Love the stools and chairs, so bright and cheery