Thursday, September 2, 2010

Decision Time

Do you remember the sample square I did ages ago (to the right of the photo)? I was going to do granny squares and join them together using white? Well it's not going to happen. I don't like the white, totally, totally ruins the look I was after, so this yarn was put aside. It was bugging me somewhat, because I do love these three colours together, and I have 400 grams of each colour stored ready to hook. So before I got sick, I pulled it out one night and did some sampling. I totally love the rectangle look, seriously, our body is long, so rectangle makes total sense really, and besides, I don't have a rectangle hooked rug. But the colours just aren't doing 'it' for me anymore, have I been looking at them for too long, trying to visualise the finished product? They are the perfect colours for our lounge room too, but inspiration has fallen flat with me right now since realising the white is totally wrong. The little rectangle in the pumpkin colour is my own version of a rectangle which I am also keeping as a sample piece, cause I really like how this turned out. It's my own pattern after much fluffing around, and I don't want to forget how I did it.

Now, the only thing to do is call in the troops - outcome, they want a rug in the rainbow colours, but these are still ok Mum you know. I have promised a rainbow granny rug for my boys, and the good thing about it is that the purple and green I used in their seat covers anyway. So I only have to purchase more of the other four colours.

Now as a stash collector, this is totally up my street, cause the naughty Joyce is saying 'go for it girl, get more stash, you can never have enough stash, go on, do it, you have to get more stash to make the rainbow rug. Do it for your darling boys, they love the rainbow, they need the rainbow, you know you want to make the rainbow.' The good Joyce is on the other shoulder sighing and shaking her head 'Joyce you know you are a bad, bad girl, and I already know what you are going to choose, there goes your promise of using up stash before purchasing more - *sigh* how can I win against the stash??'

I am not going to undo these just yet, I do like the rectangle and whose to say I can't keep going with it? The larger square in the single colour layers is going to stay as is also. I really like it on the coffee table.

I feel like I have come full circle just in this post alone. From undoing the rectangle to now keeping it and perhaps finishing a rug in these three colours. Oh well I suppose that is part of journalling, voicing our thoughts makes decision making so much easier.

As for the instructions to the rectangle rug, check out this very talented chic and follow her mega easy instructions to rectangles. ErinLindsey's Pile Of Yarn
I am a visual girl, so with photos included with the mega easy recipe, makes a very happy Joyce with a hooked rectangle.

oh and p.s. the bad Joyce wins every time when it comes to stash collecting. *sigh*

Tell me, do you go to the bad side too? Come join the party, let's be bad together!!


Sarah said...

Oh gosh yes, be bad, very bad! But on the other hand you don't like the white, so what about another neutral colour? A cream could work maybe? Or beige, brown, red. When in doubt use red I always think!

But then again those wools will always be suitable for a project in the future. Do something you love not one that makes you feel less guilty about. You'll never love it if it's not right from the beginning. And good luck!

Lillabilly said...

Those seat covers look absolutely smashing. I really like the samples you did but if they are not working for you then I agree about using it for something else and going with the rainbow - we love us some rainbows in this household too! And oh my goodness, I have stashes of SO MANY things...and the stashes, they ALWAYS win!

Clara said...

Okay, thanks for the pattern but I have to tell you that if you don't go for the stash collecting you know it will just pick at you so I say to be bad and go for it.

Posy Linda said...

Thanks for the great elastic tutorial. I've been wanting to make a cover for a round stool and this will work out fine. Thanks again!!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

stash stash stash Joyce!
Who wants to use up their stash????
Never me! Fill your house!
Be GOOD and buy yourself more wool!

Jacey said...

You can never have enough stash in your life.
Jacey x

TK said...

colours - so cheery, weather here very dreary!!!! I say add to the stash, you should see my scrapbooking stash!!!