Thursday, August 5, 2010

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This jumper is still going, but getting there, for my little nephew. I have done the back and this is the almost finished front. I love this colour, it's not so olive like the photo shows, but a lovely green. I am doing a beanie to match, he is just going to look mega handsome in this colour for sure.

I have joined Kootoyoo: My creative space..., so pop over and check out
what everyone else has been busy with this week, you will be impressed, I know I am.

I needed a little background in white to show you my purchases this morning, however, don't have time to go to the trouble of sticking, cutting, glueing. I should be studying - like right now, this very moment, as in, not playing on the computer and taking photos of jams and the like, but should be head in book, pencil in hand, making note type notes for my assignment, but I am here, instead, having fun, being rather naughty, and not focussed at all.

I will study, . . . . in a moment. . . . . just give me six more minutes. . . . and I will go.

But first, I wanted to share something with you and say hello. It's nice to say hello, it's polite to say hello, it's lovely to share and chat and swap creativeness, and . . . . oh five minutes to go.

Well yes, correct, you read the above label exactly right. This morning while getting some fruit, I saw this little jar and I thought it a perfect little gift for my big boy. It's chilli salsa and well not that he needs any encouragement for 'bum hummers' but I did get the giggles in the store when I saw it, the other wonderful thing being it's made here in Australia, well really, as if anyone else would have thought of the label *giggle*.

If you want to get some of this great Aussie food, go Riverina Grove - About Us it's 'goo' free, as in there are no preservatives, no fake stuff, no germy stuff, so you know, it's good for you basically, it's real food type food that grows with sun and water, and maybe being chatted to as well. (yes, of course, I talk to my plants!)

I also purchased these two jams above which are both made on the Mid-North-Coast of NSW, now I can tell you that I have just had some toast with this raspberry jam above and oh my goshness, my tastebuds are in love. I so heart this raspberry jam, and yes, I bought it because the jar called out to me as well as 10% of their profits go to womens drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but the jam inside, ooooohhhhhhhhhhh. I have long been a fan of locally made jams at our markets, but this has certainly cinched it for me, no more mass produced, big company, international rubbish.

Yikes, three minutes to go Joyce.
I haven't forgotten to show you how I made my white background. I just felt I needed to share my little pots of Aussie delish and oooohhhhhhh and *giggle* with you as well.

So as you can see, cheating Joyce, just used a piece of white A4 cardstock to do the background. Too easy, and I can just pop the cardstock back away in my stash for the next photo shoot.
I think it shows up the little jars perfectly, yes, I really do.

One minute to go, see, I can be focussed if I try.
Have a wonderful creative day at your place and next time you are shopping, buy yourself some yummy local goodness to delight your tastebuds and appreciate homegrown, and 'goo' free. Oh maybe you make your own too, would love to know if you do.

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angelina said...

good morning love,
awesome post. love that jam, vanilla, wow!!
have a great springy day!

Rainbow Child said...

bumhummer hahahahahahahah love it!

Posy Linda said...

I'm going to try that trick of your with the white paper. The "bum hummers" makes me giggle too. Great find! I'm on the way over to Kootoyoo for a look see. Thanks for the link.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Yum, all that jam looks great! I agree, local is totally the best!
Have a delightful weekend!

'Joyce' said...

Oh the jams, oh my goshness, the jams, too too lovely. I am going to make a damper tomorrow just to slather with the jam. lol. What a little piglet is me.
Angelina, I do hope you are feeling much better today.
Posy, yes, the A4 paper works a dream, super quick and just perfect to show off those little things.
Alice, you are back!! Going to pop over to your place now.

dash robin said...

Hahaha! Had to show my boys the label, right on target for thier sense of humour at ages 8&13. The knitting looks gorgeous and your background idea is exactly what I have seen 2 professional photographers use for thier product shots, so good work there! Great local shopping, homemade jam is the best.