Thursday, June 10, 2010

Midnight Madness - Crochet Beanie

It's only the brave that are still up doing crazy things like crochet in the wee hours of the new morn. You see I can't get to sleep, I have so much to do and I figure I might as well get into it while my loves are snuggled under their blankets dreaming their dreams, and the house is resting. As a Mum, the precious silence is rare in a busy family. We wouldn't have it any other way, but when a few moments of quiet and stillness take hold, it's so nice to treasure it, it's so nice to just 'be' in the moment. My thoughts so often end up on my family, I can hear them breathing contentedly, snuggled safe and warm and I wonder how I survived my days before they were in my life.

So ok, before I put everyone to sleep, I have another beanie on my hook and am almost done, it's for hubbie, my big boy. His will be black.

The most exciting bit about this beanie, is that I am using 2 balls of 8ply together. I know, you are nodding your head, you know what this means don't you, my next beanie is going to use two different coloured yarns together. Me thinks green and blue, although I do have a lovely orange colour that would look awesome with a caramelly colour I have stashed.

I am not able to share this pattern with you, as it's from a book, however, I did use a different ply and hook for mine and am a tad surprised and totally excited that it worked first go.

Ok, so off to sweet dreams for me here now, my toes are starting to tingle and I am beginning to shiver, just a little, even under the blankie and beanie.

Good morning to you.


Anonymous said...

I heart your beanie.. very nice shape! And I heart very much the brooches in the post before... especially the one with the house on it! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your hooking action (and rugger!)

'Joyce' said...

Thanks Alice, you have a lovely weekend too. I am going to do another beanie just for the brooches. I want to do some hand warmers to match as well.