Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Heart My Skirt

I know, I took a photo of my skirt, yes, I'm a sad little puppy, but that's ok, we have already established the fact that I am a little 'strange'. I can live with that. *giggle* question is - can you??

Another gem which I bought at Eumundi Markets while on our trip earlier this year. What a wonderful, wonderful place, full of awesome-ness (if it's not already a word, then there you go, I have just made it a word).

I love this skirt, summer, winter, in-between.

ok so here you go, if you want an original, retro wrap skirt. Go to Gladragz Sustainable Clothing and start shopping. If you happen to be at Eumundi Markets you will get them slightly cheaper and you can browse the huge range of one-off skirts in various lengths.


angelina said...

i love it: you've got a great slim figure for it!

Kel said...

Oh that is GORGEOUS!

I've never made it to Eumundi markets :( though I've heard wonderful things. And I've been gifted wonderful things from there too :)

Wendy Stanley said...

Hi Joyce, Yes your skirt does look rather awesome. Thanks for the lovely compliments/comments re my label.If any of your friends want to have a look at the GladRagz range the can check it outon my

Kind Regards, Wendy

Rosie said...

I love this retro, so me! Gorgeous

'Joyce' said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. This skirt would have to be the most loved item of my wardrobe, oh wait, well it comes a tie with another GladRagz skirt I have which is a short one. lol. I love the reclaimed fabrics, (and if these fabrics could talk . . . .) I love Aussie made, I love doing my best in looking after the environment. I love the comfort. Thanks Wendy.