Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rain Gauge Lovin'

Oh don't you just love the look of this!! I know I certainly do. That reading above says 86mls. 86mls of sweet smelling, soaking deep into the earth luscious, precious goodness between 7am yesterday morning and 7am this morning.

I love the rain, I love the smell of the rain, I love the taste of the rain, I love the sight of the rain, falling like a huge curtain, to nourish our parched ground, to cool the air, to wash away the heat.

You know what else I love so much about the rain, probably mainly because we are such an 'outdoors' kinda family, that when it rains, out come the board games, jigsaw puzzles, indoor cubby houses, those wonderful 'cosy' family entertainment 'things' that we only do on wet weekends.

When the rain does stop and the sun comes out again, especially after rain like this, the garden just seems to double in size, so I then spend alot of time out in the garden, trimming, weeding, and watching all those little buds come out ready to burst into colour to bring the lady beetles, the bees and all the other little creatures that call our gardens home.

Hmmmm, that smell, there isn't much that beats that smell, oh, so ok, fresh mown lawns is certainly up there, along with the smell of the backs of my boys necks fresh after a shower when we have a snuggle. Of course the smell of my frangipani, gardenia, lavender, home cooked slices, the sun on my freshly washed and dried towels and bed linen have to have a mention as well. lol.

Tell me, what are YOUR favourite smells?


Zyatica said...

I agree.. freshly mowed lawns is such a lovely smell as is Jasmine around christmas time. It always reminds me of Christmas and Summer when I smell it of fun times wiht family and friends in the pool and/or on the beach...

mddkht said...

Hi Fran, I just love the rain too. We got so much rain last night Matt had to empty the pool this morning as it was overflowing LOL.
I stayed up very late last night just listening to it pour down but then the thunder and lightening started and i had to go let our dog, Chloe in (she gets VERY scared).
It's still raining and i hope it continues to.

'Joyce' said...

Oh yes, jasmine, sorry, left that one out. We have 4 of them along our back fence. They are just beautiful. I bring in vases of branches just to have the smell through the house. I love storms, however, not too scary. lol. Just enough to make you want to watch the sky to see the beautiful flashes of light dance through the clouds.