Monday, February 8, 2010

Go On Make Me - Continued.

The following are cards that I have made from the remaining 'scraps' of patterned papers from an earlier post. There are 9 in total.
Sometimes we know exactly what we want to say, however, just cant get the words out right. We can all relate to famous quotes and movie quotes, so a little quote help from those that have a 'gift' for making words sing to our hearts and souls can be all we need to make that special someone's day. I love this Heidi Grace paper (above) and I didn't want to overcrowd the pretty stemmed hearts too much. This lovely border stamp, given to me by a dear wonderful friend (she has impeccable taste) is perfect to frame the beautiful Moulin Rouge quote. I managed to make two of this one above, one is already sold.

Loving this bright, cheery paper teamed with orange and black. Hopefully will put a smile on the face of the receiver. This can be sent for any reason at all.

This would be my favourite of all the cards I made. The orange felt heart I cut from my boys felt stash. lol. Well they weren't using it!! The little safety pin come from a clothing tag (yes, I collect the tags as well as the pins) The little green beads come from my bead stash which I cleaned out on the weekend, but couldn't part with any of it, so basically just rearranged my beads and have pulled some out to use in my scrapping and cards.

I love this card also, can you tell I was getting to the bottom of the patterned paper pile (ohh, now just try and say those 3 words fast. lol. you just did, didn't you - *giggle* it's ok, cause I did too.) Can you see the little bits of bling? Bling is King!! Love it, totally transforms the card.

I am wishing now I had made the middle of the flower the same as the earlier one, but this looks ok still. I have added some sequins and bling to the flowers as well.

Now this was certainly the last card I made. Lol, but I just didn't want to waste such pretty scraps, nor did I want to put them back into my stash, because we all know that they will doubtfully ever come out again. The 'happy birthday' is printed from my computer using 'trubble' font, then, when cut to size I outlined with a fine black felt tip pen.

Thanks so much for checking out my little cards. I love making them and love even more to send them.


mddkht said...
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Deb Thomson said...

Your just too clever Fran. The 'thanks' card is my favourite one xxx

Zyatica said...

They are so lovely.. I will have to get some stamping lessons from you...