Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a Travelling Stationery Wrap

How funny is that, a travelling stationery wrap. Lol, sounds funny when you say it out loud, *giggle* you did just say it out loud, I heard you. That's ok, I said it out loud too, and then giggled.

Ok, yes, it really is a travelling stationery wrap. I love saying it can't you tell!! *giggle*. It's made from a fat quarter and lined. Please excuse my white thread on the pink lining, I know a total sewing No, No, but hey, I am in a hurry and it was just a draft wrap that I am going to trial over the next few weeks.

Basically all it is - 2 x fat quarters sewn together right sides together, then leave an opening to turn it in the right way. Hand stitch the opening closed. I then enveloped or folded in on its lining the 4 corners and hand stitched to the lining. I measured the top and bottom to turn in to comfortably fit my C5 and C6 envelopes, diary, writing paper, notebook, pen and stamps, so that when the wrap was closed, I still had 4 straight corners on the outside.

Leaving all supplies in the wrap set out to how I wanted them placed, I then pinned all the sewing lines for the pockets making sure everything had enough room to be put in and taken out easily. Sew these pockets in and wa-la my wrap is done.

In the last photo you can see where I have secured the ribbon from the extra sewing line down the middle of the wrap. Originally I had plans to put 2 buttons on the overlapping flap at the front, however, depending on what is in the wrap at any time, this could be too loose or too tight. This is why I have gone for the ribbon as it's totally adjustable for any thickness inside the wrap. If you collect old stuff, remember those leather buckle straps that were used around books? I think that would look wonderful too.

There is a little pocket next to the black pen, this is for my stamps when I purchase them. Also the C6 envelope pocket above the pen and stamps pocket is the perfect size for postcards and greeting cards. I also have a little address book that will fit in there as well.

If it is successful, I think I have some wonderful gift ideas for teachers at the end of this year. Filled with a pretty pen, cards, writing papers, stamps and envelopes.

How wonderful, we can go down to the park/beach, I can sit under a tree and take my wrap and know it's all in there. I can just leave it at home and know exactly where to pen that note to the teacher.

Oh yes, and I have gotten some cleaning done today too, but won't post photos of that, it's way too boring!!

It's a wrap, lol, I will let you know how the trial goes over the next few weeks.


My One Brown Mouse said...

Great Job Frances!

Anonymous said...

you will have a job on Better home and Gardens soon with all your crafty ideas.