Saturday, September 8, 2012

Seasons Change.

Dear Friends,
Joyce is at a cross roads.
There is a change of season.
Fresh challenges ahead.
If I don't try them out, I will never, never know.
Joyce still does live here.
Joyce still loves to blog.
So I am sort of moving with the flow.
Floating on the breeze.
Letting it lead me.
Checking out the view from another angle.
I have a new blog.
It's not quite so personal.
More to do with my making-ness journey.
Not everyone is on facebook.
Not everyone can see my creations.
I am not ready for a website - yet.
I have so much to learn.
But not in a hurry to learn it.
Just letting the process of learning land upon me.
As everything has a season.
As everything has a reason.
I float on the breeze.
Let it take me where it will.

Thank you for my introduction to blogging here at Joyce Lives Here.  
Each and everyone of you have inspired me, to blog more, to make more, to share more.
Many new friends have been made here.  I so love that.

I am going to attach your blogs to my new one and follow you from there.
All you have to do is comment below with your current blog (I have quite a few blogs that I notice have not been updated for the longest time, and so not sure if they still are being used).  When you comment below, I will add your blog to my new blog so's I can follow you.  

My new blog is Just Joyce.  It's a little bit of handmade in your everyday.
Thank you and bless.  

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ana said...

see you there :)