Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carbon Tax Woes? Joyce to the rescue!

Have you heard the news Australia?  The Carbon Tax comes into effect from July 1, 2012.  There are all sorts of worries and concerns about our groceries going up, our school fees going up, our holiday accommodation going up, our local sports clubs registrations going up, our balls of wool going up.  It's all just going up, and up, and sometimes it goes up and up, up!  

We know Dr Seuss' book claims It's a good day for Up!  but not this kind of up.  

So let me help you bring some of the up, back down a little bit to a slightly and hopefully more comfortable level of up, if that is possible at all.

On a more mature and grown up note, please check here for some very good ways to beat the carbon tax (other than with a very big stick).

And the following are some of my, how to keep warm without needing heaters, tips I thought I would share with you. . . . . 

You cannot beat the snuggle better than a scarf around the neck.  When not in use, place in your draw with a sachet of dried lavender, so that when you snuggle it around your neck, the gentle calming scent keeps you relaxed through your day.  Or use any number of favourite dried and scented flowers that make your day wonderful.

They say that heat rises, well keep a lid on it will you, don't waste that precious energy your body has been working so hard to make to keep you warm and have it all escape out the top of your head, or in some cases the ears!  

Stuck in front of a computer most of your day?  Then love your wrists by putting on a bit of warmness to stop the ache and the cold.  

Save money in the kitchen by having a bake up day.  Turning on your oven just for one item is such a waste of heat, so make the most of it, crank it up and set up a production line.  Not only are you filling your kitchen with yummy treats, you are keeping warm at the same time.

You could even have more fun with this by inviting some friends over and sharing the spoils of the bake up, hmmmm some lovely cocktails would certainly assist in the warming of the inside too.  What a fun afternoon!

Here are the spoils of my morning, double batch of anzac biscuits, one banana cake for the freezer, a double batch of choc/coconut slice, and a batch of rocky road.  Let's not talk about the wash up huh!  

Lastly, of course, the good old cuppa, (with or without a dash of something) no matter where you are, or who you are with, nothing says warm like a cuppa.  Wrap your hands around a lovely cuppa in your favourite mug and *ahhhhhh*.

There are some other ideas for keeping warm, and I am about to do one of them very soon.  Snuggle under a blanket with my two little monkeys and continue our reading of The Enchanted Wood.  

Of course, there are some cheeky ways to keep warm, but you all know what they are, lol, yes, yes you do, I can see that you do, because you are grinning right now.  So keep those carbon tax saving ways to yourself will you, well ok, then share them with a friend if you must.  lol.  Go on, off you go, and wipe that grin off your face!

What are your carbon tax saving secrets for this winter?  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place, keep warm and dry at your place.



Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

LOVE it!

Sandra x

Miss Prudence said...

LOVE it too!

Joyce where are you!!! ? We miss you in the blogasphere!! Come back!

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sandra and Miss Prudence, thank you. xx
Miss Prudence, oh thank you my friend, I have been missing blogging and catching up with you all, it's been crazy busy, but I do hope to get back here more often to visit. I hope you are keeping well at your place. xx