Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mr Allens Omelette

A strange name for an Omelette you say?  

No, not really I say.

You see, Mr Allen has a farm, and on that farm his chickens strut and fluff, and peck and nest and make eggs.  Also on Mr Allen's farm grows corn, and crookneck summer squash, amongst lots and lots of other delish, sweet, fresh homegrown goodies that we like to buy from him at the Sunday Markets down under the trees, with the music playing, and the waves crashing upon the beach just across the way.

The carrots come from another market stall at the same markets, however, sadly, I do not know the name of the farmer of that stall, but their carrots are mega delish, let me tell you.  

Sadly for the bacon, I am not quite sure just how local it is, however, it is part of the ingredients of this omelette that I am about to share with you.

You will need -
approx 10 x farm fresh eggs
2 x crookneck summer squash medium in size (if you hold the squash in the palm of your hand, and wrapping your fingers around it, takes up most of that space)
2 x medium carrots
2 x medium cobs of corn
 5 x pieces of rindless bacon.

Cut the bacon into small pieces.
Place into a non stick pan and cook gently through.

In a large bowl lightly beat eggs with a fork.
Grate the squash (do not remove skin, this is where the goodness is)
Grate carrot.
Remove corn kernels from cob.  

Combine veges with lightly whisked egg.
Add bacon.

Wipe pan out with paper towel.

Put heat to medium heat.

You can either pour larger spoonfuls, or pancake size spoonfuls into pan.
Wait for little bubbles to appear around the edges of the omelette, then turn over to cook the other side.

This is not an expert omelette at all, actually more like little egg cakes than an omelette, but I like the word omelette, and so omelette it is!

If your mixture looks too bulky and not enough liquid, add another egg.
If you are a chef, you should NOT be reading this post.
If you are hungry, then, ummmm, go make Mr Allens Omelettes.
If it's winter where you live, then, it's very doubtful that you will get fresh crookneck squash near your place at the moment, and so you will have to settle for something like a winter vege that grows near you instead.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, have a wonderful day at your place.

Todays post has been brought to you by the letter 'O' - 'O' is for Oops, my omelette didn't flip!

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