Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Week 2011 - Saturday

Got a good book?
You know, as in a really good book, that is being used for book review/share
at school and needs protection?

Then make a dust cover.
We had a disposable paper tablecloth in the craft box.  Yes, it was in the craft box because I would use them when my boys did craft.  If you are lucky, op shops and garage sales have also had them, but like I said, if you are lucky.  I am guessing this stuff gets snapped up very quickly, especially when it is still in its sealed packaging.  

So you open out your tablecloth, grab a pencil and trace the real dustcover.

cut it out. 

and wrap it around your good book.

If your book does not have a dust cover, then just measure your book and cut one out.  

We are still reading The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda.  My voice is back now, so we can hopefully find out what happens next.  

Thanks for stopping by my place today.

Today is Saturday, we like reading on Saturday.

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