Friday, June 10, 2011

Bingo - make your own

As part of my studies, I am to put together a portfolio of activities suitable for the classroom.  I can do that!  Here is one that instead of just writing up the instructions, I escaped the computer desk and got hands on making.  Much more fun than typing a whole bunch of words *yawn*.  

Did you know that Bingo used to be called Beano?  There you go, so now you know, oh and also did you know it is believed to have originated from Italy in the 14th Century, and they still play the same 'Lo Guiocu del Lotto D'Italia' every week?  Now you know that too, just like me.

Then some dude by the name of Edwin Lowe saw Beano being played at a local county carnival in Georgia around 1930, he was astounded by the excitement of the players and so went home, made a few changes invited some friends over and watched the excitement of his guests as they got hooked on Beano.  

Around this time some chic was playing Beano, so the story goes, and in her excitement of completing her full line on the card in front of her, she called 'Bingo'.  Edwin must have really liked her, cause he then called the game Bingo.  The game become so popular that Edwin needed help and so called a mate, Carl Leffler, a University Math Professor and so pretty ok with numbers and stuff, and offered to pay him a lot of money to make up original Bingo card combos.  Poor Carl did it, but sheesh, he must have had a rotten headache by the time he finished around 6,000 original bingo cards.  

So there you go, now you can impress your friends with some bingo history.

So, ok, here is how I made mine.

Cereal boxes.

Print out your number cards.  If you don't want to print your own, in the comment box below this post, let me know with your email address and I can send you my 8 cards, however, you will have to print them out yourself, then adhere them to your own cereal boxes and you will have to trim them yourself, then laminate or contact cover yourself, but it's ok, cause that is the easy part.  You can also print them on coloured cardstock of which I am going to do another set.  

Then because I felt like it, I drew up 50 x 3cm squares and in black marker wrote the numbers from 1 to 50 on each of them with a black dot in the top left corner (to show orientation).  You can type your numbers out or if you ask nicely, I can type them out and send them with the bingo sheets for you to print, cut and paste.

Once you have printed, pasted, and snipped, you will have 8 x bingo cards.  Again if you ask nicely and need more, I am more than happy to supply a few more for you, or you could even make more of your own using mine as a template.  I am nice like that you know.  I like to share, cause I know so many others share with me.  

Go find yourself some lego blocks, buttons, dried macaroni, bottle tops, counters, lollies, whiteboard markers (if laminated or contact covered) or whatever is on hand to start your game, invite your friends over, get cosy and bingo away.

Some little notes:
The game I have set up does not have 'BINGO' at the top of the card.  I have made it for little ones, it needs to be easy, it needs to be fun, it needs to be quick-ish, it needs to not feel like learning stuff.
It's a 5 x 5 grid, made up of 
1 − 10 in row 1, 
11 − 20 in row 2, 
21 − 30 in row 3, 
31 − 40 in row 4, and 
41 − 50 in row 5.  
Nice and simple, all the numbers in order along each row.  

We start the game by putting a block on the 'free' square.  You can have a single person be the 'caller' or you can each take turns dipping into the container to pull a number and calling it.  

You can call the rules of the game at the beginning of each game, for example the winner is the person that can cover all their corners, 5 in a row, or 'x' marks the spot across the middle.  It's your game, it's your way.  

You can pull out the monopoly money, collect your 5cent coins, or use fantales to purchase your bingo cards.  You can wrap up little prizes for the winners, you can do a nudie bolt down the street if you so wish.  Just let me know if you are coming down my street so I can give you a cheer and spotlight you as you go past with my torch.  No point doing a nudie run if no one is there to see it now - you gotta share the love you know!


In a classroom situation, (nudie runs are not allowed) in a similar age/ability class group the teacher can be the 'caller' and when a number is pulled instead of saying '9', they can say '5 plus 4 equals. . . .' then let the students find their answer and cover it if they have it.  It can be just the number, it can be subtraction, addition, multiplication it can be a combination of any or all.

The number can be written on the board for students that need to 'see' the number to match it.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  

Have a wonderful weekend at your place, and Happy Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  We have a long weekend here in Australia.  Shame about that really.  

Take care of you.

B is for Bingo!


Beansieleigh said...

Awesome Joyce! I'm thinking this might be fun for Spanish vocabulary! I'll send this idea on to Dear Daughter, who is a Spanish teacher! Great post, and thanks for the fun idea! No nudie run, though... It was a tough enough year buying a bathing suit!!! I'm pushing f- f- f- fifty, and I am NOT liking it ONE BIT, kicking and screaming every step of the way!... But I'm TRYING very hard to keep proper perspective, considering the alternative, and remembering my blessings! Have a great long weekend, and take care of you too! ~tina

Penelope said...

Just brilliant Joyce, thanks for the wee Bingo history lesson too. Have a marvelous, fun and creative weekend with your family xox

Stitchin' time said...

This is so much fun and I've done it with groups of school children. Rewards were extra time on the computer math games, free play time in the cubbyhouse corner or 5 minute early mark for lunch. Great mini history lesson you provided on bingo too!

Miss Prudence said...

we love bingo! Boy am I having a hard time with blogger today - it's just not cricket I tells ya! Firm family fave the ol bingo!