Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Little Mobile Home Sweet Home.

I thought I would share with you our darling little home on wheels.  Our little home that tows along behind us, snuggles us in at night, keeps our food, provides us with beautiful scenery, and brings us so much fun and will provide many memories.

 Bikes, an essential with three boys.

Just some of our essentials.

Our caravan at pitstop, many similar to this along the way.  
We love big trees.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner served here, any time of day, for any length of time, whenever we feel like it.  A spot of crochet, beer and nibbles, hot choccie and cuddles, snuggled up with a book/board game, or watching the world go by.  The view varies, but is always wonderful.

On the inside, our kitchen.  There are little overhead cupboards that you can just glimpse above the sink.  Oh and yes, we have a microwave.  I know, luxury!!  

One of the many views from our 'bedroom' window.  *sigh*.

Inside dining, if you really need to use it, otherwise, storage area for charging laptop and storing fruit bowl.  It did rain there a few nights, so was also used for school work.  

The boys bunks.  Excuse the mess, am on holidays.  lol.  The top bunk drops down to become the back of a lounge, we have never used it this way.  They are permanent beds for the boys, we are rarely inside to 'need' a lounge.  Under the kettle is our little fridge. We have a stove top next to that, covered in the blue protective matting.  We also have a small grill that has never been used, cause we always use the camp kitchens, they are awesome and we meet heaps of other lovely travelling peeps there too and share a wine/beer and swap stories or just socialise.  

Current project on the hook.  

Recently finished beanie for me.  I extended the body of this one, I wanted it bit 'saggier' than the brown stripe one.  Sooooo snuggly.  We all have beanies finished now.  Just waiting for the cooler weather so's we can wear them.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.
Have a wonderful day at your place.

Posted by Joyce. xx


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

That looks so much fun! I'd love a caravan/campervan to just take off on holiday in. Love how spacious yours looks. Enjoy yourselves!

TK said...

I love your piccies of your sojourns thus far. I admire your courage in travelling in a caravan sans family!! My family had to stay in a caravan for 1 week one year on our annual beach holiday as we couldn't get into our normal beach house for some reason and we nearly killed each other!!! Mum was in the middle of icing a WEDDING CAKE and everywhere we turned there were containers and trays of tiny little pink icing rosebuds!!! It was not our finest moment!! TK xx

Penelope said...

Oooh I am a happy camper too Joyce, we booked our caping this weekend or July and August, we only have a tent but U grew up with a caravan and love it! xox have a wonerful happy family time together x

ana @ i made it so said...

i'm always amazed at how much functionality is built into those tiny little things. what a perfect home away from home. thanks joyce, many happy travels to you and your family.

Caravan Site Northern Ireland said...

I love looking at the images. It looks like your family have all the fun in the world.