Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Ocean Road

The following post has been taken over a few days.  These are some of our photos of our adventure along the beautiful Great Ocean Road, Victoria.  It's just too beautiful not to share.

The view before me.  Not alot of crochet got done because the view just got too pretty to look away from.  

Torquay - Surf Beach.  wow, those trees just don't have a choice really.  Does it get windy here ??  Much?? 

 Back on the road.

With not alot of places to stop whilst towing a caravan along the Great Ocean Road, I set my little camera to sports mode, and clicked away.  

. . . . . and clicked some more.

 We managed to stop near here to check out Sheoak Falls
A lovely 'leg stretcher' and nice view.

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Cape Otway Lightstation.

Please click here to find out about Australia's most significant lighthouse.

Spectacular view.  Hardly a whiff of a breeze, apparently we visited on a rare and lucky day.  

The view from where we enjoyed apple pie, lemon tart and hot choccies.  
*sigh* shame about that really.
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Twelve Apostles - Great Ocean Road - Victoria

 Here are some photos Mum and Dad took today.

It was really cold and windy, but pretty. 

 This is really cool.

We had some of our mates with us and took photos of them.
This guy wanted to slide down the pole and he put his leg over and put his arm on the rope.  
People thought it was funny. 

You can pay money to get a ride in a helicopter that will take you over
the 12 Apostles.  We did not do that.  

Pengui-May thought she saw some fish.

Modore and Allan went rock climbing.
This is my Mum and I love her.  
I showed this to Pengui-May too and a man told me that real penguins come up out of the water here at night but they are really small and fast and it will be too dark to see them properly.  

This was joined together a long time ago.  Mum took this photo to remember stuff.

The bridge got old and broke down. 

Pengui-May is cold now.  

Now from the Mumma - 

Thanks so much for stopping by our place today.
We hope all the Mum's had a happy Mothers Day today.

I had to remind my boys it was Mothers Day, it was easy really.  After breakfast I just pulled out some chocolate Easter eggs that we still haven't eaten.  The boys all wanted to know why I was eating chocolate so early, and I told them it was Mothers Day and I felt like chocolate.  lol.  oopps! Their faces, I still hadn't got my morning snuggle hugs and it was Mothers Day!!  They certainly made up for it, ohhhhhhh there is no price to be put on hugs like my boys give.  
Hubbie did tell me that he had planned the whole trip (!!) around today, he had planned the 12 Apostles then lunch at Timboon Railway Shed Distillery.  Awwww, too sweet, just as well that I told him it would be a nice pitstop for lunch and that when I rang to book a table for 4, that I booked it under his name and not my own.  *phew*

Lucky for me that I don't get all upset about them missing the commercial side of Mothers Day.  But heaven help the little arms that forget to hug their Mumma on Mothers Day, that's for sure and for certain!!

oh and by the way, if ever you are in the Timboon area, you must, and I mean you MUST stop for a meal here.  They certainly know how to serve a decent meal, with real food.  The service was first class as well.  

Posted by Minnie and Joyce.  xx

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Port Fairy, Victoria.
I think this is the last town on the Great Ocean Road, don't quote me on that, I have read so much lately and I didn't take my usual scribbled notes with me.  Whether it is or it isn't, this is one very pretty little place.  Some of the homes here are still the original 1800's and I am sure will be protected/heritage listed.  Oh I would just love to be able to have a look inside some of them.  Huge tree lined streets providing stunning archways to drive through.  Just full of prettiness all around here.  

Port Fairy is a small town of 2,500 population.  During the peak season it grows to 10,000 and during their Folk Festival it pops to 40,000 - wow!  Would love to visit during the festival.  

Alot of the museums and places of historical interest were not open the day we were there, they are mainly open on the weekends and for the morning or afternoon session.  It's only a small town, and I am guessing most of these touristy places are run by volunteers.  It was a bit sad, as I would have loved to have found out more about Port Fairy.  

Some of the homes along the Moyne River.  

Wow, this boat is certainly decked out for fishing in the dark.  

Just some boat appreciation along the way.  So many boats, all so different.

Another pretty to feast the eyes on.

Lucky for us, as we were walking back a boat pulled in,
here is their catch for that morning.  Crayfish, heaps and heaps of twitching still alive, can't get fresher than this crayfish.  The lovely fellow there was happy to let me take a photo of them and stop for a chat.  These dudes are all headed for Japan.  
I read that this area is huge crayfish and abalone fishing and it brings in about 80 million per year.  Wow!!

This little boat is so full of character, there were quite a few like this.  I so wonder the adventures it has had.  You can see the sky changing again here, it was very quick too.  We headed back to the car and lucky we did, it started to rain, but not normal rain, it was sideways needles of ice right in our faces.  Have you ever felt sideways needles of ice in your face?  It's a little bit ouch that's for sure.  

Not much down the road, the needles of ice rain stopped and the sun come out.  

Finally we found a spot to stop and take photos of some little calves.  Oh they are just so beautiful, those little faces.  There are cows everywhere, its cheese/dairy farming is huge down here, along with the fishing.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

This is the end of our Great Ocean Road experience, it was beautiful, it was breathtaking, it was a tad cool with temps the last few days topping 15 degrees, and at times wet, but we had a wonderful time here and there is much we didn't get to see but hope to be back one day to fill in the gaps.  

I hope you are well at your place and keeping warm and dry for those that are feeling the winter and wet upon them.  

Except where noted, this is posted by Joyce.  xx

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Anonymous said...

your mum is beautiful! thanks for sharing these photos, i would love to see the great ocean road somedays. the windy trees! i know just what you mean,,in tassie by the beaches the trees were quite similar, and up on the mountain tops. imagine those strong roots. i would like to think i will one day be so strong..x