Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Snippets

Happy Monday first day of our school holidays to everyone.  Woo hoo, Oh I am soooooooo excited.  We are chillin', we are not rushing out the door, there are no lunches to be packing, I tell you it's totally bliss, it's totally wonderful.  Although I have a huge agenda to get through and piles of study, there is no work for me, there is no school for the boys, there is even no sport or after school activities to be rushing off to.  With work and school taken out of the equation for the moment, I have plans to get through two electives this week.  Yep!  I know I can do it, I HAVE to do it, there is no other option BUT to do it.  Just like the little engine that could - I will!  

Did you have a lovely weekend?  We did.
 I have finished two crochet face washers or kitchen cloths for a friend, who crocheted me a lovely little bag that I just adore.  It sort of has turned into a little swap, which has been quite fun.   100% cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  It's lovely to crochet with, and the finished product is lovely and soft, would make great face washers for little ones.   

 hmmmmmm, birthday cake for Nanna.  We had a lovely lunch out with hubbie's parents and then come back to our place for birthday cake.  Do you agree that birthday cake tastes so much nicer than regular everyday cake?

A beanie on the sticks.  As you can see there are only two sticks, yup, I found a pattern for a beanie using only two sticks.  It's a very old pattern that I scored at my neighbours garage sale.  Last night while knitting I was thinking about the beanie patterns that are on four sticks, and I wondered why I haven't given them a go, but on two sticks.  (I still have a beanie on four sticks from last winter that I just cannot finish)  All I have to do really is join the seam up the middle back when done.  I think??!! - Maybe!!  It's worth a try anyways, and if I use wool that can be felted, then can I felt it when done, and will the seam in the middle back disappear????!!!!  You know what, I am going to try that.  Why not?  I will keep you posted, I will do a beanie on a bigger head size cause I think when I go to felt it, it may shrink a little??  Hmmmm, has anyone done this?  Can you tell me if I am on the right track here, or just give up now and go home Joyce?  Would love to know your thoughts. 

Scored big at the annual Rotary bookfest.  We are going back as it's on all week.  Here are some of what we got.  There were millions of books, there were unopened boxes of books stacked on top of opened boxes of books, then in the back corner there were more unopened boxes of books and under the trestle tables were stacked more unopened boxes of books.  Bookfest alright - woo hoo to bookfest.  

Those two books up the back are full of lovely knitting and crochet stitches and patterns.  oh gosh, you are going to be checking out some lovely lacy scarves being knitted and crochet in the next few months.  Then there is the book of paper, that we are going to play with next week (after I have completed my two electives this week).  The blue hard cover book to the right is 'What Katy Did'.  The Tao of Pooh, I could not believe my luck in finding this book, it was recommended to me quite some time ago now, and there it was in the children section just for Joyce.  My awesome hubbie found The Wind in the Willows.  Gosh he knows me so well.  

A spot of tidying the bookcases, and I just could not part with any books at all.  I thought I would be able to have a little clean out to make room for new books, but . . . . . . . . no.  My eldest had a clean out of books, he has 'grown out' of his big picture books so he told me, but they have all just gone back into the main bookcase because there are way too many memories of snuggling and reading to be passing them on, besides I have Minnie to share them with as well still.

Are you able to have a clean out of books?   
Did you have a lovely weekend at your place?
Did you find some bargains?
Did you share birthday cake?
Are you on holidays?
Did you find time to cuddle?

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, and have a wonderful week at your place.  


Penelope said...

Wow Joyce, what a wonderful weekend you all had. Birtday cake is always THE best in this house too. Love your second hand book finds and your beanie you are knitting. I have a fear of DPN's and so all my beanie's are knitted on 2 needles xox have fun these hols, Alice and I are off to the Hastings smuggler's caves today as a easter holiday treat I promised her some time ago! xox

Zyatica said...

OH Frances its lovely isn't it the no rushing around.... No.2 was so much better today so no bucket patrol...

We also had a great score at the book fair, the b oys even went back again today...


ana @ i made it so said...

oh the beanie looks great, loving the two-tones you chose. what a cool vintage pattern.

i had a good weekend, dealing with sickies though but alright. some visiting, some thrifting, some knitting, some gardening.

have a great week ahead!