Friday, April 22, 2011

Itinerary. . . .

First we head south, then we continue south some more, after that we venture south-west, possibly another stop before heading south.  After another stopover we plan to meander south-east for a spot of coastal driving, then we head south.  After a break and some gallivanting around the countryside, we pack up the caravan and head south.  We then continue in that southerly direction with a gentle twist west, but still heading south.  Depending on how we feel and where we venture, we may continue to head south.

Cruising along the road that is ahead of us, we then begin to meander a gentle north-east, with possible dips of south or north, wherever the fancy may take us.  After a rest break and a couple of meals, it's back on the road, whatever road that is there, that points in a easterly direction, and we drive on it, gently heading east, with spurts of north.  After savouring the local fare, it's more of north on the road that is in front of us, with stops and plenty more gallivanting to be had.  

We would love to share our little journey with you, we will post photos, tell of adventures. No doubt Allen and the Duck will feature, as well as Slinky J and the Sea Cucumber.  

Joyce is the authorised owner of this blog, however, others may post, and their name will be at the end of each post.  The journey is better when shared.  Stories from anothers perspective are always fun to read.  This will be a wonderful record of our adventures together.
I did have thoughts of starting a travel blog, however I decided that I would just keep it all together despite the fact that Joyce doesn't live in any of these places but is just visiting.  
All our travel adventures for this trip will be able to be found under tab Caravan 2011.  Yes, I know, adventurous, not, but a record of our adventures, most certainly will be.  Perhaps a new name for the trip will present itself to us along the way. . .  . who knows, the road ahead is calling, and we shall follow its lead.
Thanks so much for stopping by Joyce Lives Here, we hope you enjoy the journey with us.  We miss our family and friends, and will be home real soon.  

Posted by Joyce. xx


AlyshaJane said...

Happy and safe travels for you all! With lots of lovely things to eat and do and see along the way. :)

Colette said...

Enjoy your travels, I'm a little envious of a caravan trip. Can't wait to see the photos and hear more of your adventure. x

Miss Prudence said...

Will follow your travels, enjoy the adventure and stay safe xxxx