Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cockington Green Gardens

A few days ago, we spent the morning checking out Cockington Green Gardens.
It's itty and it's bitty and we loved it.  
Now I have to warn you, some of my posts will be a few days old, mainly because I think each place we visit deserves its very own space, and mainly because I am slow.  

The gardens are just beautiful and I will share more of that in a later post.  
There is so much to share, I need to break it up.  lol.  I can't stop taking photos.

Little teapots and colourful mushrooms.

Prettily trimmed gardens and lawns.  So sculptured and neat, you can see the thought that is put into these lovely gardens.  Just beautiful.

The camera just does not do these colours justice, so vibrant.

Even a dude delivering the fruit and vege on his bike.

This is my fave, the little farm. . . .

with the little cottage. . . . 

here is the whole thing together, this one stole my heart.

Minnie liked this guy, swinging from the gutterings. 

He likes this tractor hard at work too.

Fruit picking in progress.

A streaker at the soccer.

Love the aussie ute.  

Can't not share the Man from Snowy River.

We have left Canberra now and pulled into Batemans Bay on the lovely South Coast of NSW.  It's a bit rainy today and then a bit sunny, then it goes back to a bit rainy.  The boys have made friends with some of the other children that are here and they are playing hide-and-go-seek.  The giggles around the caravan are so lovely to hear.  

Today is a bit of a quiet day for us, we are relaxing, done a spot of school work, some knitting for me and 'work stuff' for hubbie.  Even managed a bit of housework *phew* time for a rest.  Housework in the caravan is heavy stuff I tell you, so much floor space.  *giggle* *sigh* such a tough life it is.  

Well I had better get going, the troupes are hungry, the big boy is off the phone, and the sun is out again.  Time for lunch, then perhaps some board games or a beach walk.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  
Have a lovely day at your place.

Posted by Joyce. xx


Miss Prudence said...

OH you are in Canberra! My old home town

Enjoy the south coast!

'Joyce' said...

oh wow! well there you go! Thanks for letting me know. I love Canberra and I told hubbie I reckon I needed to live here for a year just to sample every season. I am sure it would be beautiful. I just cannot get over the colours in the leaves here, absolutely stunning, I am wandering around like a child under these huge trees that are wearing absolutely every colour of the rainbow right now. I imagine in about 6 weeks time, they will be stark naked and silvery and grey and all shades in between. It's totally a visual feast for sure. I want to come back here, I want to do Floriade and I want to spend at least two weeks here, to do all the bits that Canberra has to offer. I am very impressed.