Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Oops, I almost forgot - it's Tuesday, yes, already, it's Tuesday!  

Here is what is on my table this Tuesday.

It's bright, it's colourful, it's shapely.

I am prepping craft for the Friday playgroup that I help out with.  
It needs to be easy, it needs to be quick, it needs to be something that little fingers can pickup and paste on.  It needs to be something they can take home and stick on the fridge.  

We are doing shape matching this week.  I am about to cut out all those lovely bright shapes for the children, so that come Friday, they just have to choose their shapes to paste onto the matching shapes on the white paper.  

Oh and the choccie cardboard is perfect for drawing up templates to make marking out a breeze.  I know, it would be so much easier to photocopy the pages, however, I am not at the playgroup until Friday and they have other sessions and office happenings going on during the day.   Besides, it has taken me away from my assignment which isn't bright and colourful and shapely and fun and giving my eyes a rest from black print on white paper.  

I love a bit of hands on when I can get it, I love a bit of tracing and cutting to break up the day.  I am making up 12 sets of this activity and I hope I will have enough.    

 So what is on your table this Tuesday?
Do you have any exciting happenings at your place today?

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, take care of you, and have a wonderful day.


TK said...

I always look forward to seeing what is on your table!! Mine is very boring - BUDGETS!!!!! TK xx

Zyatica said...

havent had time to do mine... besides nothing is on my table due to work....

Colette said...

What a shame you had to eat all that chocolate to be able to re-use the packaging, you are so good! Hope you had a fun time.