Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments from last week.  
It's a new week, it's a new chapter.  
Hurrah!  Bring it on - I am ready!!

I have finished unit 3, it is printed and bundled ready to post - goodbye and good riddance unit 3 - I say with a kiss - travel the postal route safely to the hands of the red penned ticking person who is going to do lots of red pen ticking (please!).  

I hope you had a glorious weekend.

I certainly did.  There was lots of washing and cleaning and cooking to prepare for a new week, but then there was lots of family time as well.  Much needed hanging with my boys, it recharges me in the most wonderful way.  

Here are some bits and bobs of time spent with the ones I love the mostest.  

Beach boys. . . . and they both went jetty jumping for the first time, but Joyce didn't have the camera with her (!).  My big boy jumped from the topmost pylon and Minnie jumped from the little platform which at the low tide that it was, would have been from a floor to ceiling sized gap between platform to water.  They jumped over and over again.  Woo hoo!!

My big boy and I finished this book and so hired the movie.
Lots of laughs - two thumbs up!  Can't wait to start on book two.

I love this time with my boy, he is growing up so quickly and to snuggle with him and read each night really is very special to me.  No matter how tired I am, or what chores await me, I make sure I put it all aside to spend this time with him.  The chores are always there, they never grow up, they never change.  

Another completed scarf for our local cancer unit.  I need your help, I have more yarn to make possibly two more of this scarf.  What do you think?  Personally, me, I love it, I want one of my own.  This is 5ply yarn from the stash that was given me by my neighbour the other week.   Your honest thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  If the vote is no, it will be made into granny squares instead, so don't worry there will be no waste.

Yes, I cannot help myself, a new scarf on the hook.  

Sewing alterations for a friend.

Recorder time.  We had fun making music and little Minnie was on the harmonica.

This was our beautiful sky on Saturday night.  So brilliant.

Fresh blueberries from the markets . . . . picked Friday, bought and eaten by us Saturday.
You just don't get stuff like that in the city baby!!

I wish you a wonderful week at your place.
Thanks so much for stopping by my place.


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Of course I love your scarf, it's probably one of the nicest ones I've seen. The colours are so neat and rainbow like. Keep knitting I say! And yes I agree with you about kids, they just suddenly change without any warning. I'm missing my big girl so much now that she's started intermediate and loaded up with homework. I guess it was always going to happen I just didn't realise it would be so early on.

Clara said...

I love the scarf! Those blueberries look delicious!

RobynK said...

That's a great unisex scarf - simple pattern, gorgeous colours. Definitely make another 2!! The lovely pastel one you've started is also a winner :).
Lol, you should save a few blueberries for pie or muffins, but they are so yummy aren't they?

TK said...

Its a HUGE THUMBS UP for the scarf I reckon!!! Glad you had such an uplifting weekend, you did so deserve it & may this week bring lots of heart sunshine and good soul therapy!! ps - my M is currently reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and loving it....reading is hard for him so its such a joy to see him devouring this book!! TK xx

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Joyce! Reading was definitely one of my most favorite pastimes with my kids. Now that they are older, I miss snuggling up together with my babies for bedtime stories, but Dear Son and I still read together, at the dining room table, for school work and studies.. We're in the middle of the third book of the Percy Jackson series!.. As for your scarf? I LOVE it! I don't know who wouldn't, so I'd say make MORE! ~tina

Jacey said...

Gorgeous scarf, love the colours. I love the Wimpy kid books, both my children have enjoyed them. Lucie is currently working her way through a big pile of books borrowed from the library by the author Michaul Morpurgo. Have a great week. xx

Mrs Twins said...

Well everything you make Joyce is wonderful!
The scarf is lovely and I spot a stool cover too which is simply beautiful.
Now thank you for your honest comments! Its entirely up to you Joyce. Pop over to Rav if you change your mind, you know you are most Welcome!
Hugs and enjoy playing!

Miss Prudence said...

No question about the scarf - it's great !\Whimpy kid is very popular with middle child here - devoured the books and we all enjoyed the movie.
Hope you have a much better week - and well done for completing another study unit!!!

Colette said...

I love the scarf - do more - yes, yes, yes!
Glad you are recharged and ready for the week, it is so important to make the most of every moment with the children, you'll never get that time back and you're right, the chores are always there, patiently waiting.
We have half term this week and I plan to soak up these girls and relax and enjoy.

Penelope said...

Hi Joyce, Alice is really into the Wimpy Kid books at the moment and she just can't wait to finish one befre she starts the next! Your scarf is looking good xox have a great week !

Maria said...

Go with the scarf - not only warmth and comfort, but with your wonderful colour choices, it should bring a smile and a chat