Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Creative Space

Hubbie asked me if I could make him a scarf for winter in this pattern from my new book.  Woo hoo - for sure I can - I rarely get the chance to make something for him, so before he could change his mind, that very moment we got in the car and went to get the wool.  

 It's ok, but then at the same time it's not ok.  There was something missing and the pattern was, well, let's just say Joyce needs more practise with colour change in the middle of the row.

 We added another colour and tried random stripes, . . . . no, still not quite right, so then I did another sample this time with larger random stripes, ugg, again, not right, and I didn't even take a photo of that sample.  Luckily this yarn unravels so well and doesn't turn to fluff-mush from the stress of being reworked.  

 Finally I think I have it.  I am working the scarf lengthways this time, and keeping it to basic stripes.  Hubbie doesn't want smaller stripes, he prefers thicker bands of colour.  Cross your fingers this is IT.  
I did 300 chain, and am doing dc in each chain.  I was thinking of doing a row of dc and then a row of treble, however, he just wants it all the same.  I will save the dc row and treble row for a scarf for me instead.  

 To give my eyes a rest from the above colours, I made up two beachy little anklets for me.  I used crochet cotton and plaited a length long enough to go round my ankle twice.  Then I threaded some beads, doubled the crochet thread and grabbed my hook to chain in the beads.  I am glad I doubled the crochet thread, just chunked it out a bit.  It's had it's first beach swim this morning and survived the waves.  I know, I am a big kid, but why not I say, I have no daughters to make this stuff for, so I will make it for me.  Please excuse my big clump of a foot.  It was 'interesting' trying to take a photo of my anklet.  

Here are my completed library bags to be donated to a school in QLD.  I am so happy with them, such lovely bright colours.  There are 40 library bags in total.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

Head on over to kootoyoo and see what everyone else is making today.  

Have a lovely day at your place.  


TK said...

oh your beachy anklets are cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you for your perseverance with huuby's scarf, fingers crossed it turns out, I love the colours. Love the anklet takes me back to friendship bands =) And what a great job you've done on making 40 library bags - awesome!!

Gillian said...

Your hubby's scarf will be just fab in those colours Joyce!
Those multi coloured patterns in the book, like the zigzag bluff me something terrible...Yours turned out so much better than the one I tried and pulled apart ;)

Love your sweet anklet!

And Congratulations on making all of those Gorgeous Library bags, You are one special lady!
I'm sure they will be cherished by the children who receive them!

Mrs Twins said...

Hello Joyce,
Yes from a 'very cold UK!'.
Hello to your little boys too!
OOh I do wish mine were younger.
I had such fun with them, playing and making things like you do! You do have some lovely creative times with them, that's what moms do the best! I remember hanging their wet paintings on my washing line outside particularly. Playing with play dough, jigsaws, shops, dolls....Such fun. Now they are both actually 25 on the 10th February I long for those earlier days.....It was such hard work having twins,but such a pleasure too. Watching them reach different milestones.
Enjoy your dear family, have fun and 'record' everything! Time flys, it's nice to sit back later on and have a look at the photos of when they were little.
Hugs and my very best wishes to your family!
Love suex

Congratulations too on those beautiful Library bags, how absolutely wonderful for the children!x

Colette said...

Oh yay! I never get to make anything for Mr these days - why I haven't done him a scarf before now is beyond me {blushing}. Have fun!

Love those Library bags sooo much - they look great together.

Maria said...

Great work with the library bags and I'm really liking hubby's colour choices