Thursday, January 20, 2011

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It's back on, and I am ready to play.  Pop over to kootoyoo and check out what other crafty peeps are up to or add your own craft share.  

It was actually a little strange taking above photos now that my 10 x 10 x 10 project is finished.  I set the top lot of library bags up on the inside airer to take their photo.  After the last 10 days of point and shoot and no cropping or putting items at a 'just so' position for the photo, this was different all over again.  But fun.  Change is good, change is about learning, expanding and most of all having fun in the process.  The second photo is of my current batch of library bags being cut and sewn.  I am doing them in colour batches which makes it  easier for changing thread on the machine.  Tonight I will relax in my fave chair and thread the drawstring ribbon through them.

For those that don't know, I am sewing drawstring library bags to donate to a primary school in Queensland that has been affected by the recent floods.  I have called it Task Force Library Bag.  

There has been huge amounts of damage, not just buildings being inundated with water, but buildings ripped apart, as well as loved ones lost.  What it left behind is stinking brown mud sludge, the sad part is that there was another storm last night and predicted bad weather to come for alot of these towns.  Parts of Victoria and Tasmania are also evacuating, sandbagging, and trying to protect livestock, crop and home from torrential rains, and swollen waterways.  

Aussies are a tough bunch, we work together, we live together, we laugh together.  It's going to be hard work for many months, it's going to be very emotional, but every little bit helps, that's what I believe in anyways.  I don't like sitting 'round doing nothing, I hate feeling helpless, and I have fabric sitting here stashed away in a cupboard when others have not even a toothbrush.  

Initially I aimed to make 20 library bags from bright fabrics that I already had.  I have managed to exceed that number simply by stretching my fabrics and using the smaller bits to make pretty pockets on plain fabric bags.  I hope these will be ok, even to just start off with.  I also have some new story books to go into some of the library bags to post.  Whether the school uses them to share with the students and keep in the bags I have made, or if they are given to the children to keep, I do not mind.  When I finish sewing up this lot that I have cut, I will have 39 library bags.  I still have fabric to possibly make another 8, but will see what I can do to increase that number.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  

Have a lovely evening at your place.  


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh you have done well! I don't think anyone will mind if their pocket is the fancy fabric and not the bag. There will be very pleased and excited children to receive such wonderful presents. They look so pretty and colourful hung up like that.

Colette said...

They look wonderful, I'm quite sure they will be treasured and appreciated, I'm very impressed you're getting so many done.
I'll bet it was fun to set up a picture again. I'm staying AWAY from the camera for a few days, I need to clear my head!

Penelope said...

Such a worthy cause Joyce, they look beautiful xox