Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's A Little Bit Vintage.

A few weeks ago there was a little vintage fair/market/exhibition in our town.  It was lovely.  I managed to pop out there and took my camera with me in the off chance that I was permitted to snap a few shots.  Lucky for me, yes, I was allowed to take some photos of a few items that were on display.  

I know it's not much at all really, but gosh as I walked around checking out all the wonderful goodness that vintage is, I kept having flashbacks of photos of my Mum and Dad when they were courting, then engaged, then married.  

Photos like these below:
 I remember a picnic set with a hard cover, it was a steely grey/blue in colour and had little snap latches and almost resembled a little suitcase.  The picnic set inside was set out very much like the one above.  

 Don't you just love these swimming caps.  I 'heart' the white one down the bottom with the flowers on it.  The yellow and black would fit me too.

 They just don't make swimmers like they used to.  The little red and white on the end is just so very pretty.  I would wear the orange one as well you know.  I am sure they are both my size.

The yellow and white I could have worn today at the beach along with the white cap above.

ohhhhh I do hope my dance card is filled tonight.  I would love to twirl and swirl in this little number.

You know one thing that amazed me, is the detail into all of the clothing, some of those dresses are heavy, heavy, heavy, with lining and detail and such perfect stitching.  For them to last as many years as they have, and be in such perfect condition.  
There were no grubby hemlines, there were no markings on them, they were just like they had been made the day before.  

There were lots of items for sale, there were also replica dresses for sale as well.  I didn't buy anything, however, there were a few dresses that called out to me to take them home with me.  *sigh*  

Do you like vintage dresses too?   

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  



TK said...

that red dress is so pretty - when I was a kid many moons ago, my mum stored all her evening dresses in a cupboard in my bedroom....I would love to open up the cupboard and look at the magnificent creations my mother owned and wore - the detail was truly spectacular!!! Not sure what happened to them, they probably went off to some vintage or oppie somewhere- I hope they are still living well in someone else's home!! Vintage anything is so inspiring...TK xx

Crochet with Raymond said...

Helloooooo Joyce!
Sooo much of your loveliness to catch up on! I loved those togs, wow, I never wear togs, never! But I would wear those togs for sure! And the dress, they are sooo lovely, I'm thrilled that you got to take some pics of your day!
Can't wait to see your rainbow squares

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh I do! Just wish I had somewhere to wear on too. I love those bathing suits too. What fabulous cuts they had back then. I remember my grandmother having a similar one.

Lola Nova said...

Oh, I love vintage dresses! In fact, I started collecting them when I was 16. Alas, most of them were worn to threads but, I still have a couple that I cherish.
What a fun little market.

'Joyce' said...

ohhhh it's wonderful to hear there are so many of us out there that love these beautiful clothes. There is just so much detail. You know things just aren't made to last anymore, there seems to be no value in items from kitchen ware to clothing to anything at all anymore. Thanks for your lovely comments.

Miss Prudence said...

Mmmmmmmm, lovely. I adore vintage, and not so called 80's vintage (the nerve of it -I did NOT grow up in "vintage" times!!!harrumph) The 40's and 50's and 60's - I have many vintage clothing items I just adore them.