Tuesday, December 21, 2010

. . . . And the stockings they were hung by the chimney with care. . . .

We don't have a chimney, but I do like that line from 'The Night Before Christmas'. I still have my huge, hard cover story book from when I was a little thing that I read to my boys each year too.

So onto today, four sleeps til Santa at our place. I had grand plans - hugely grand plans of being at home, a little baking, a little cleaning, you know, the all important little preparations that happen four sleeps before Christmas Day. *ahem* none of the above ended up happening at our place today.

Before I begin, I will give you a picture of our family at Christmas. We don't do lists of 'stuff we want', we don't buy for each other, we don't fill trolleys in a frantic state of panic just because. Santa does the children and maybe something small for Pappa and Mumma, but that is all. To be quite honest, I like it this way, I like to be able to enjoy the season of gifting, the season of loving, the season of cooking and baking all sorts of delish sweets the season of sharing and basically just 'hanging out together on long summer lazy days'. Pappa isn't into all the commercial rubbish either, even less than me. I am the one that does the tree and the lights, I love doing all the decorations with the kids, I love the carols - the louder the better, I love the Santa photo. Pappa comes for the ride, but slowly I have been noticing the last two years, he is a little more eager to partake of this wonderfully magical season that I love so much.

Yesterday evening he surprised me yet again when he come out with 'Do we have Christmas stockings?'

Me - 'ummm, no, no we don't - you aren't into that. I was going to make the boys one each years ago, but haven't gotten round to making them.' (yes, yes, I know, naughty, naughty Mumma!)

Him - 'oh well I might buy us some then.'

Me - *feeling rather feint right now from shock and horror* 'No! What are you going to buy them for!! I can make some, gosh, don't go buying them, that's crazy!' *recovered from shock and horror, already contemplating something to make*

Him - 'Don't go to any trouble - it's ok I was just asking.'

Me - 'Consider it done.' *Instantly thinking woo hoo I need to go shopping for fabric. Oh and I need some inspiration for a wrapping idea for some home made goodies to gift to his Mum and Dad.*

You are thinking Spotlight or another fabricy type store aren't you? Hmmmm No! Then come shopping with me to the op-shop this morning. Yep, first thing out the door to the op-shops, quick sticks boys we have work to do. Can you believe it, op-shop one we walked into there was in the tub, a huge roll of Christmas red cotton fabric. 10mtrs for the total sum of $2.00. Next to it were two lots of 1mtrs of Christmas fabrics they were $4.00 each so I grabbed them. I think they are quilting fabric, they are lovely and thick and cottony. Just perfecto. This op-shop also had other treasures of bias binding, satin ribbons, fat quarters, lovely pillowcases, and a bucket of army men plus a fire truck that was a torch. (the last two treasured items were discovered by my boys - they were delighted at the bargains they found). Oh and I did end up finding some lovely inspiration for gifting my homemade goodies, but you will have to wait for that post to come.

Home again, home again, jigety jig.

As you can see, I won't be going into the production of Christmas stockings anytime soon, but you know what, they are fully lined and apparently they are ok. *giggle*

Pappa has me rather excited now, wondering if I will be getting a surprise this Christmas. I do love surprises that's for sure, especially of the present kind, because it's just so rare. Maybe he has tickets for an afternoon of sleeping, or a home made gift voucher for a head massage. Oh I know, he is going to fill my stocking with vanilla candles, choccies and bath bombs and a mixed tape of our fave songs from when we were 'young'. I know, I am a simple little thing, but it doesn't take much to get me excited.

How has your day been today?
What have you been up to at your place?
Did you get a little shock of the nice kind too?


Beansieleigh said...

Love how your stocking came out Joyce, and now I'm excited FOR YOU!!! I'm such a kid at heart... Of course, you don't HAVE to have a stocking, but it's just FUN to!!! I'm approaching the big 5-0, and I STILL can't imagine not hanging up my stocking for Santa! (0; ~tina

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh you got all that from your op shop?!! Ours would never have such things. I'm glad you were finally given the motivation you needed to make your family stockings. They look great too and very festive. May they be filled with lovely treats for all of you. Enjoy the last three days!!

Jacey said...

Your stockings are great!
I crocheted 3 stockings last year, they look great hanging on the fireplace until you put presents in, then they go saggy. Nevermind.
Have a great xmas.xx

TK said...

lovely, lovely stockings....my M has a Santa Sack - bought not made I am afraid - but our main focus is to spend time appreciating, not getting carried away with the commercial hype that seems to have taken over our world!!! Last night it was a drive up to Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills to see the lovely Lobethal Christmas Lights (HUGE DEAL FOR ME!!!) & then today in to town to catch up with a dear friend from 'down south' in our favourite book shop for a coffee & chat - best day with no sign of stress!!! ps - Shaun & little M are off out at the moment so me thinks I may be getting a little something...thats ok as long as its not overboard...have a super next couple of days doing what you love!! TK xx

'Joyce' said...

oh Tina, you are a girl after my own heart. I would so love a little surprise for Christmas. It doesn't have to cost money at all, it just needs to be something that I don't know about. lol.
Sarah, I hit the jackpot with all that craft goodness, and I reckon it's all belonged to the one person/household, cause there was heaps of the stuff, and I have not been that lucky in the past. It's Karma I tell you, it was meant to happen. lol.
Jacey, oh I would love to see a pic of your stockings. You have me giggling thinking of you hanging your stockings when you go to bed and then when you wake they have tripled in size. I love it. These are what make wonderful Christmas memories.
Tiffany, oh I am totally with you there, I love handmade/homemade and do as much as I can when gifting. I bet the Christmas lights were just magical. ohhhhh a bookshop, how lovely, and what a wonderful way to spend time with a dear friend. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. oh what a wonderful time of year.