Monday, November 1, 2010

Never, never, as in never-ever let me 'trim' your hair!

It's that time of year again,

the weather is warming,

the days are lengthening,

the sun reaches out and gently kisses the garden

and before you know it -

. . . . whoosh - the tibouchina hedge explodes.

A mass of fresh green and lush purple reaching for the skies.

I decided to give her a 'trim' before the heat of summer really sets in on us. This way she has a chance to shoot fresh and be well protected from the harsh burning summer sun. We will get many more bursts of purple flower the next few months because of the trim as well.

You can see how much has been 'trimmed' by looking at our roof - like I said, don't let me near your hair with a pair of scissors, not unless you want a whole new short do. *giggle* no point doing half a job now is there!!

While in the garden with the camera, I snapped this little gerbera to share. I can't believe they are still flowering. I need to google more info on these beauties. I want to plant some more, they are just so pretty. They have happy little faces that nod hello on their tall slim stems. I cannot resist but to bend down and say hello back.

And finally, my photo of the day. Do you know what this flower is? It's a poppy bud. Oh my goodness, I finally have poppies in my garden. The seeds have taken and gosh, they are beautiful. It's November, and on the 11th of November we take time to remember those that have fought to keep our country free, to keep our country safe. It would be so nice in my life-time to see more energy put into respecting Remembrance Day rather than the commercial hooo ha of Halloween in Australia.

If you would like more information on Remembrance Day, click here.

So tell me, do you take to your garden with gusto? Perhaps you talk to your plants too?

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely evening at your place.


Sarah said...

No I don't, I'm terrified of anyone cutting my plants. They might not grow back! But I am learning that pruning is a good thing and to trust hubby a bit more, and not look while he's hacking away.

I love poppies too, so pretty and delicate looking. And your gerbera is just gorgeous.

MonetPaisley said...

I love gardens but unfortunately have killed anything I ever planted. Glad kids are a bit hardier than plants.

TK said...

we have this lovely BIG pile of dirt out the front of our house at the moment where the lawn used to know that 'half way through the project but looking worse' stage, well we are there RIGHT NOW!!!! Got to keep the big picture in my head or I fear I will drive right on past our place & choose a new place to live in!! TK xx

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sarah, lol, I used to be scared of 'trimming' however, one year got a little over excited with my tibouchina hedge and just wasn't able to stop. It did absolute wonders for it, now grown back bigger and stronger than ever and so lovely and lush. We are the best of friends since then.
Lol Miss MonetPaisley - you make me laugh - yes, kids seem to bounce back alot easier than garden growing items. I have lost a few plants due to poor management on my part and wrong placement.
Hullo Miss Tiffany, iewww, yes been there and done that. All the very best with your venture, I am sure it will look wonderful once complete. It's sort of like growing out that old hairstyle, one needs to go though the yucky bit before the lovely end result. Keep that picture to the front of you head, it will come together for you and you will be able to enjoy it.