Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

The creative juices have certainly been flowing. Tomorrow is our little school fete, and last minute donations and some cooking have been going on at my house. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of hooking between trays of biscuits cooling, cooking and wrapping.

Sultana biscuits all wrapped up for the fete cake stall.

I painted up these little glasses to donate to the fete as well.

Oh it's getting exciting now, my little rainbow blanket squares are now being joined in their rows. Thanks so much to Lucy at Attic24 for explaining in my language just how to join them so that when they are folded out, they look so pretty and sit lovely and flat. Gosh I love this blog, there is a lovely, lovely bag that I have on my list to make very soon too.

Pop on over to kootoyoo to see what everyone else has been making.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend at your place.


Catherine said...

It looks like you had a lovely productive day baking. I hope you have a good day and the fete goes well. Your blanket looks so close to being finished I would be excited too after all the hard work, I look forward to seeing it finished. Have a good weekend too.:)

MonetPaisley said...

Hi Joyce, I love your blanket, its coming along nicely. I have tagged you in a 4x4 post thingy magiggy. I have to warn you that I refer to you as Just Joyce (like out of Jewel of the Nile). anyway, you are welcome to join in, or not. And thanks so much for the support. If it werent for everyones support I would have just made my girls bathers and left it at that.
So thanks again :-) I was going to email you but you have that no reply thing that I have.

Penelope said...

Really looking forward to seeing your blanket come together xox

PaisleyJade said...

Lucy has inspired me to take up crochet again - love her easy to follow instructions!

Loving your creations.

TK said...

you are such a blessing to your achool & community.....mum's like you should be adored...& possibly adorned as well!!

TK said...

...I need to check for typos!!! make that a blessing to your school & community!! xx