Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space

Above photo - this is not my pattern, my Mum is making these for her local fete. When we visited her last week, my little boys fell in love with them as much as I did. She let them choose one of their own and I made these four little owls above. I have made another four, however, can't show you a photo of them just now, because they have been claimed and are right now snuggled into bed with my darlings. Thank you to the hugely talented person that designed these mega-cute little darlings. I will find out from my Mum where she obtained pattern from and thank them in name.

Introducing Eleanor - you will not find this pattern in a book, you will not see my darling little Eleanor in a shop window. She is of my design and I rather quite love her. I am not sure I will make too many like her, I quite like the idea of an original. The plan was also to put a little felt flower on her bottom, however, I am quite happy with her as is. She is a little bit shy as she is new to town, but she will have a little friend soon and does love to meet new friends and looks forward to saying hello to everyone.

There are plans afoot my friends for more little playmates.

I will take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and wonderful weekend, full of all the people and things you love most, I know mine will be.


sylviesgarden said...

I love the owls, they are very sweet. I love Eleanor even more, she's lovely.

AlyshaJane said...

The Owl and your Eleanor and simply gorgeous, Joyce! I love Eleanor's little pink ears and tail! You are so talented. I'm really looking forward to seeing Eleanor's playmates. :)

Penelope-by-the-Sea said...

I love Elanor, what a cutie pie xox

Mrs Twins said...

OOh what fun you are having with these cuties!
Simply gorgeous!
Love to you Suex

Clara said...

Really nice Joyce.

'Joyce' said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. These little softies just make me laugh. I had so much fun making them and look forward to sharing more with you. Thanks for liking them like I do.