Friday, October 29, 2010

My Awesome Day At Work

Happy Friday evening to you all.
I hope you had a good day today.
At work.
At home.
At school.
At play.

I did, I had a wonderful day at work today.
I got to say a personal hello to my little one's mate, Lil' Snappy the saltwater crocodile.
My little Minnie man loves our local reptile fellow and his friends, especially Lil' Snappy.
Lil' Snappy is four years old and my darling little Minnie first met Lil' Snappy two years ago where he had a nurse and Lil' Snappy left a lovely little warm parcel on his lap. Well you would think this would gross most kids out, but not my little Minnie, he loves Lil' Snappy.

So today at preschool when our local reptile man, Steve, paid a visit to the kids and introduced them to some of his friends and talked about safety, and caring for our beautiful reptiles, I got to say hello to Lil' Snappy at the end of the talk. I just wanted to give him a pat and say hello from my little Minnie, but Steve handed him over to me for a nurse. Oh wow! - Not only do I get to work at the best preschool in the universe, BUT I get to nurse Lil' Snappy and all in the same day!

Can I just tell you Lil' Snappy has such a silky soft belly. I was surprised it was so soft. Gosh he has the most lovely colourings from deep chocolate browns to a golden honey. Such an amazing creature, such a lucky girl is me to have a nurse.

Have a lovely weekend at your place.


Gillian said...

What a Fabulous photo of your and lil snappy Joyce :D
You are quite lovely as he looks I'm not sure I could have held him ;)

Penelope said...

Oh wow what a fabulous experience to have! Very brave too xox