Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space, not all that inventive this week, however, much comings along of various projects, which is always good to see.

It's short and sweet from me today, study books are go at my place and a spot of never ending housework is keeping me out of trouble.

Join in here and share your creative space this week.

What is keeping your fingers busy today?


TK said...

I'm busy with writing......creative is good, assignments not so!!! Listening to Melody Gardot though so that makes it bearable!!! Your colourful crochet-ings look wonderful!!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

joyce your squares are lovely! they're loke beautiful flowers!

Clara said...

Joyce, you seem compelled to hook everyday much like me. I always have something I want to work at.

Fiona said...

Fantastic colours!

'Joyce' said...

Tiffany, what are you studying? yes, study is ugg.
Alice, oh your lotus are rather quite stunning. Thank you, I wasn't going a flower as mine is more rainbow and I wanted a particular 'number' to my circles, but I am happy with result.
Clara, lol, my day just isn't complete without a little creating.
Hi Fiona, thank you for stopping by, I am totally enjoying the beginnings of this little project.

Tania said...

Gorgeous colours. I'm knee deep in an endless granny blanket at the moment. A different colour for every round and no, I did not weave ANY ends is as I went. I suspect I should be taking a leaf from you next time round!