Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crochet Rainbow Blanket - The Beginning

Circles on white.

Circles on pale blue.

I love these beautiful colours. These are the chosen colours for my granny rainbow blanket to match the chair covers. I know, it's spring, who in their right mind would be thinking of blankets on a day like today - well me, of course. These are the perfect little project to make on the go as the weather warms. There is no heavy weight of blanket to lug around, they are tiny they are quick and they are in such fun bright colours, I cannot resist.

I have been at soccer this morning helping out in canteen for a gala day. My ears are still blocked and those poor customers that I served must have thought I was rather strange, especially the kids that come up with their .5c and .10c pieces in their tiny voices asking for a bag of lollies and I struggled to hear a thing and had to keep asking them to repeat themselves. I come home to my boys, we had a quiet lunch for Fathers Day and have been relaxing the afternoon away. Dinner is a lovely Moroccan Chicken Casserole.

Ok back to my blanket. I want to create something that resembles our family, something that I could hook thoughts of each of my little family into with each round. Something that, no matter who snuggled under it's warmth, would always feel my love for them, feel how much they mean to me each and every single day, feel just a little better when they are unwell. I want it to be big enough for all of us to snuggle under, I want it to be big enough to hide and giggle under, I want it to be big enough to welcome friends to play, I want it big enough to hold their dreams, dry their tears, big enough to keep safe their secrets, warm their toes and make their tummy better. Even one day, when I am no longer physically 'here', I want this rug to keep loving and protecting my little family.

I was going to choose pale blue to join them together to resemble the sky in which our beautiful rainbows live, but the white really seems to bring out those fabulous colours.

My requirements for these squares after much thought:
❤ Three 'rounds' in one colour - my three boys
❤ Last round, the square round, in main colour - my love/protection
❤ First ring 12dc - 12 months of the year, always and forever, every day, every moment.

Inspiration come from the following blogs. I say thank you to these ultra-mega-talented people for their beautiful work and sharing. There were a lot of images as well, but I can't post them all here.

This blanket will be a journey, it will take time, the rounds will be hooked in the car, at the beach, waiting for the bus/doctor/hairdresser, they will be hooked on the train, in the caravan, at the park, in the kitchen, with my darlings snuggled on my lap. There is no rush to complete this blanket, I will keep a little log of progress, I want to journal the progress of this little project, I don't care if it takes a year to finish, it's the journey of the blanket that will make the blanket. I am so looking forward to this project and where it will take me and my family. It's the future, it's all in front of us, each and every single day, before us to make with as we will.

*Sigh* I wish I could use words well. The big dag that I am.

Have you ever made anything that you sew, hook, or weave your blessings, love, thoughts into? I understand if it is too private to share, but if you are feeling brave - I would love to know.


frou-frou said...

The rainbow colours are really striking. Enjoy putting your love into every stitch, Fiona x

Clara said...

The rainbow blanket will be beautiful Joyce and thanks for sharing your inspirations. The fact you put so much more into your blankets is amazing and make sure you write it down for your boys to keep. Every blanket I have done that is around me reminds me of my mother who passed in 2007. She loved my crochet work although she was a knitter. Many of my blankets and afghans and pillows ended up at her place but I have them once more and all of the wonder memories remain.

Clara said...

Oops, that should read wonderful memories.

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.
OOh your crocheting today is just heavenly.
I cant wait to see the finish.
The only thing I can think of which is personal and not SIBOL, is a ripple blanket I made for my daughter last year when she left home (since back) I knew she was missing us and I made a Black and white ripple blanket.

Also some little smiley plant face people to brighten up her flat.

ooh and some Carnations. I was full of different emotions and these things were made with such love for my Daughter.
Great post Joyce, thank you.
Hugs Suex

Mrs Twins said...

....and red. x

TK said...

whenever I need to see some colour I pop on over to your blog & gaze in adoration/admiration at some of your crocheting projects.....I really like the thoughts behind this new project...

Crochet with Raymond said...

Ooh, exciting stuff Joyce! I love watching people make blankets, I just don't like making them myself!!! (Shhhh don't tell ANYONE but I am making a small blanket for someone small and furry for his birthday though)
When I'm making things for people I love, I sometimes say the reiki symbol names as I crochet, they are usually three syllables and work nicely with the stitches, so I am infusing the reiki energy into my gift!

'Joyce' said...

Clara, such beautiful memories of your Mum. Thank you for sharing. It's wonderful to know we put our hearts into our creations.
Mrs Twins, your riple blanket is stunning and cushion too, your daughter will treasure them and you have hooked a bit of Mum into them for her.
Tiffany, oh you are so sweet, thank you, I do love a bit of colour. I don't actually have a personal favourite although purple is up there. I tend to swoon over combinations and textures.
Alice, oh you make me laugh, you totally brighten my day girl. lol. I promise shhhhhh won't say a thing. Oh I look forward to seeing it too. Infusing your Reiki energy into your work is wonderful and I am sure your gifts are extra special because of your special touch.
It's wonderful to know that when we make for those we love, our thoughts turn to them whether it be healing, protection, love, energy. It makes a handmade gift that much more precious.

lauren carney said...

oh what a fine display!
i enjoy the rather dee-lite-ful pictures your splendid blog!
keep up the wonderful posts!

Lillabilly said...

Joyce, that is just lovely. I think it's really special that you've put so much effort into thinking about what every part of your blanket represents. Your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will adore hearing the story behind it and I'm sure will pass it on and on and on. And I think the white could be the lovely clouds where the rainbows make their home representing the home that you will always provide to each and every one of your family. I can't wait to see the progress. X

Maria said...

Wonderful colours and idea. Something similiar in my head at the moment, unfortunately my colours are not so bright, and mine is for the future