Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Yes, another week is behind us and it's Tuesday again. Apologies for the fold lines in the table cloth. I really should do something about that.

Ok, now there is a little inspiration story behind today's table at my place. Firstly well oranges, don't you just love them this time of year, oh and mandarines, avocado, roma tomatoes, kiwi fruit, pink lady apples, butternut pumpkin, hmmmm, love winter produce. As for the inspiration bit, here it is - a newly found blog-buddy has inspired me to start 'using' things. I have so many lovely bits that I treasure so much that I fear to use them. Seriously, what is the point in 'saving it for another day'. So here it is on the table. Firstly the little cloth. Who remembers Hobbytex? I do, I remember Hobbytex, and you can still get it !! (No, Joycie, relax, you don't have anymore room to store a new project and tools, you don't have time to be getting into this.)

This tablecloth was done by my Grandma. You know what, she used it too. I remember her using it, so why do I hide it away with the other 'good stuff'? Silly Joyce. There are a few little marks on it to show it's been loved, so maybe it's now time for my family to show it some love, give it some memories from our table.

The other little piece, which is hidden under the tower of oranges, that my little ones are going to love when they get home from school this afternoon, (*wondering* who will be the first one to topple them??) is the platter. I bought this when I first moved out of home. It was from a little local gift-shop where I lived and they had the most wonderful, unique goodies. I have always loved a little 'different' one-off sort of items. It's painted purple and has lovely yellow lemons on it. This has alot of memories for me. It has lived in every place that I have lived, it has held up fruit, been a birthday cake platter, had glad wrap put over it, to mix paints for my little ones hand prints that I still do each year. Displayed pine cones, shells from the beach and dried flowers, held candles and at one stage been on my dresser with minature soaps on it.

One day, I won't be here anymore. When my children go through the cupboards, I want them to pull things out and say 'hey remember the time when. . . . . . ' crack up laughing, and have memories flood back to them all just from a piece of cloth/fabric/book/letter/photo. I want them to have those memories, just like I have those memories now.

As for me, the rest of my day is cleaning, washing, newsletters, phone calls, and hopefully by lunchtime, the study books come out. I am already halfway there with bathrooms done and a full clothesline.

Show me, what is on your table this Tuesday, and the story behind it.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tablecloth... I'm sure it has many memories for you!
On my table today is many textbooks as I seriously need to get working on an assignment! What are you studying?

'Joyce' said...

ohhhh, you are so good, I should be doing same. Just need to do the floors and wait for newsletter content to complete for print and I will be studying along with you. I am doing Teachers Aide (special). It's fully flexible for 1 year, I have just finished the first unit/module. What is the subject of your study?

AlyshaJane said...

You're ahead of me in using things! (Can I use being sick as an excuse?!). I love your tablecloth and how you have added the tower of oranges, it looks perfect!

We don't have children yet, but I want to remember what you said about your children seeing items from your family lives and remembering good times that you shared. That is so important and so lovely. If/when we have children, I want to do the same!

AlyshaJane said...

And...OhNoes! I followed the Hobbytex link! Must have, Eeeee! So fab.

'Joyce' said...

Iewww, not the dreaded flu/pounding head thingy too?? Boxes of tissues to you. yes, you certainly get a pass. lol. can you believe the tower of oranges is still intact?? I know!! what a shock, they loved it tho. Oh and not a spill on the cloth at dinner time. WOW - I was so utterly nervous about leaving it on, but was strong, oh so strong, and it was fab. Oh I love my childhood memories, and yes, I want my little ones to have the same memory treasures that just make them want to smile and laugh when they are my age. Hobbytex, oh I so want it.