Sunday, June 6, 2010

Out Of The Closet

Do you find you have SO much craft of SO many different kinds that you sort of 'forget' you have something?? Well not 'forget' so much as, haven't 'gotten into it' for a while? Do you find you have storage containers of yarn, other containers of cross stitch, yet more of ribbon, papers, stamps, lace, thread, buttons, felt, fabrics, beads? Oh and then, don't forget all the pattern books for all those crafts and the loose leaf bits that you have collected from mags or been sent from friends that are in their own 'special' binders. For example I have a Christmas craft binder. Then you have more containers of 'instruments' that assist you in your craft, ie crochet hooks, pliers (beading) etc etc?

I answer yes to above. I am afraid, I am guilty. After chatting to a new-found friend, Alysha, (you really should check out this beautiful blog. She totally makes me smile), she turned the light-bulb above my noggin on. This has prompted my post this early Sunday morning, I went straight to my knitting instruments, and here it is. My Bucilla Knit Wit, then I went to my scarf draw (yes, I have a draw for scarves), and found this little blue creation. Oh and the model this morning is 'B'. B was given to me when I was born from my Uncle David. She models so much prettier than I do of a morning. (Wearing my beanie and still in my jammies, cause I can and cause it's cold)

I am not sure I used the correct yarn for my first effort at the Knit Wit, however, I didn't want to just do a handful and waste that time, so I made a handful more and joined them together for a summery neck wrap. I like it, sort of, I do, but it's not one of those items where I sit back and go, 'oh that's exactly what I wanted to make.'

Sitting here looking at it now, I am not even inspired to get it going again, despite that 'I want one and I want one now' wrap on the front of the case. I am just so into my crochet still at the moment, that not much else gets a look in.

Speaking of 'not much else gets a look in', I have study that I MUST hook into this week. It's been three weeks now and not a page has been turned. I need to be strong, I need to be committed, I need to put the crochet hook down, I need to not nurse sick people, I need to put the soccer club folder away, I need to get back my day of research and typing and get it done. Tuesday is a good day for this, Tuesday I will keep as my study day, the rest of the week will just have to slot in around it. Which reminds me, there is a soccer club newsletter that I need to write up and get printed ready to hand out at training this Thursday. Looks like Sunday is my newsletter day.

What's lurking in your closet that you haven't 'forgotten' about and would like to get out again, and make something of, . . . . one day?


Lollybags said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one, dear Joyce. I have craft boxes for cross stitch under the stairs, Scrap booking and card making in the cupboard up stairs and (the biggest mess of all)half of my double car garage full of quilting and dressmaking fabric(I must reorganise that one day.....)I finished Moos scarf and he loves it (ended up doing 20 rows of sc in multi tone blue with a big hook rather then stripes) and because of you ;) I have a bag full of new wool by my arm chair

angelina said...

well ive never heard of a knitwit but did it make that scarf? lovely! i have to motivate to pick up 150 stitches.....then this year old project it done!

'Joyce' said...

lol, oh good to know I am not the only one with boxes and crates and folders of 'to do' and stash. I would love to see a pic of your scarf for Moo. I don't mind being blamed for bags of wool. lol, I don't think I have been accused of that one before, actually, I am quite proud of that accusation. lol.
Angelina, yes, that little knitwit tool made the blue scarf. I would love a wrap in it too. oh, what are you creating? I am heading over to take a look now.

angelina said...

nope not motivated yet. samboys and dr who won. =)

AlyshaJane said...

Aw, thank you for the lovely link! :)
And yay for re-finding precious things and using them. You are inspirational!