Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh My Goodness, That Chic is wearing MY jacket, AND she is laughing at ME!!

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Oh that's so NOT FAIR!! How I love this, how I totally love this jacket, it has Joycie written all over it in every single treble, chain and dc and picot/ruffle edge. Oh I NEED this jacket for the weekend.

I am currently sewing up a pile of granny squares that I have been putting together of which I now have 28 squares. (See photo below) Initially they were going to become a knee rug (bummer that I don't have more of this 'end of line yarn' to make it bigger) of which I was planning a contrasting coloured edge and flowers dotted randomly over the rug. Since I lay the little squares down tonight, I have since decided I want to make something that I can wear. Couldn't decide between a vest or a poncho. Poncho's I love, but a vest is more versatile and easy to wear in the classroom, especially at craft time.

After moving the pieces around and joining 6 of them together, I am now formulating the idea of either a ponst or a vencho. Pardon?? You have not heard of a vencho?? Surely you have, they are all the rage now darling. lol, ok, I will share - I made it up, yes, truly I made it up. I just played with the words, vest and poncho and come up with ponst and vencho.

Ok the difference between a ponst and vencho is this, a ponst has a 'V' shaped hem to it, ie, the granny squares are placed on the diamond, so you will have 4 V's around the base of your ponst, a 'v' in the sleeves over your shoulder. The neckline will then consist of the tops of your V's folding over as a sort of collar. As for the vencho, this is basically 2 x rectangles of about 9 granny squares, joined together with sleeve gaps left open for your arms to slide through. You could also make the vencho with a cardi style front opening using a toggle and plaiting or doing a length of chain to loop the toggle through to fasten, or leave open. Then again, your vencho could have a length of chain crochetted which you can weave in and out of your trebles to form a little belt at the waist to tie your vencho closed.
So I took a break from my sewing together to see if anyone else has done a vencho or ponst, or even just a crochet vest, and this here jacket (my jacket) is what I found. *sigh* back to my ponst for now.

Have you discovered any new wardrobe items at your place lately? Oh and p.s. I am totally stone cold sober, I promise, yes I am, this is me in my natural state.


Sarah said...

Hubby advised me against making a crochet garment. His thinking was a blanket would last forever and a coat would not. I'm thinking he's absolutely terrified of being seen out with me wearing it!! Anyway a blanket it will be. Until I start my new project! Love the colour of your square!! Nice and natural looking. Might do that next time. P.S. Your house sounds like ours so don't worry! I saw your comment on another blog. Just been food shopping myself.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha is this the perfect cardigan to put on my coathanger??? it is beautiful and very you I'm sure!!! Do you know what? I am working on a top which has granny square cuffs... at kootoyoo she has a pattern for a shrug, so I decided to make one (in black) and cuff it with grannys. Coulorful lovely grannies... I think grannies can be worn classily! Looking forward to seeing what you make! Have a lovely weekend. Oh and by the way, is you name frances or joyce???
Love from Alice and Raymond XX

'Joyce' said...

hi Sarah, lol, yes, I seemed to have received the same reaction here as I was putting my ponst together. Oh well, I will get it one day. As for the house, *sigh* so good to know I am not the only one.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Alice, my name is Frances, and my nickname is Joyce. When I started my blog, I didn't want to use my name in the title. I love and answer to both names.
My ponst/vencho, just isn't happening I am afraid. I just can't seem to get it right, so a snuggle knee rug it has gone back to becoming.
As for the crochet shrug at Kootoyoo - ooohhhhh yes, I know what you are making, I love it, it's on my list to do when I get the right yarn. Re the granny squares at the ends of the sleeves - totally awesome and I can't wait to see your finished shrug. You are going to be the envy of all - (including me). I want to do a granny beanie next. lol.