Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love thy Neighbour

Our neighbours are NOT EVER allowed to vacate their current residential address - NOT EVER, NOT NEVER !!

We went on a little family holiday for 4.5 weeks from our home, our beautiful neighbours looked after our home, yard, mail, bins and all those bits that need to be done on a regular basis around the home INCLUDING they mowed not only our front lawn, but our back lawn as well. Bless them - I say.

We come home to perfectly manicured lawns, empty mailbox, and cared for home.

We certainly hit the jackpot when we bought our little block of land in this beautiful piece of paradise we call home.

This is the little card I made for them to go with a selection of locally made goodies, from teas, to soaps, fudge, honey, and jams. I love gifting local produce, especially when it is just SOOOO delish, not to mention the local markets are held outdoors and the stall-holders are REAL people that LOVE what they do and they LOVE to talk about what they LOVE to do.

It's all about the love baby!!

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