Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gardening Therapy Goodness

We have never had a single pumpkin, despite heaps of flowers, but we don't mind so much, especially when these little critters come to live in our garden. I am going to plant more pumpkin seeds for them, so they can live with us, and bring their friends.

Before the trim.

After the trim.

I spent some time today trimming the above tibouchina hedge. We put this in 9 years ago, they were 4 very small tibouchina plants. They have been culled right back to almost nothing twice now and just look at them, lush, green and those purple flowers. oh just love them. They actually got to be just over our guttering which you can just see a teeny peak on the top left of the first photo, yes, believe it or not, they were over that guttering and when I cut them back, to waste high, we had to hire a trailer to remove the greenwaste. The neighbours were so shocked at what I had done. It was pretty scary at first, it looked so naked there and each day I was inspecting each plant just waiting for those tiny little green nobs of life. Sure enough out they come thick and fast. Oh joy!! My beautiful tibouchina hedge.

We don't have a big garden, but we get so much joy from it. It's our own little slice of heaven. Ahhhhh, love that smell. It's just the perfect size for me to manage and love every moment of it.

What are your favourite flowers/plants in your garden, I would love to see them.


Jo Chopra said...

I love the attention you've given to each single flower. They are lucky to live in your garden!

ana @ i made it so said...

i agree with jo, such pretty blossoms. i think having a smaller garden makes you appreciate all the gifts such a little plot of dirt can bring. at least that's how i feel. one square metre of space gave us a salad a day in vegetables last year. how do you say thanks enough for that? :)

i hope you enjoyed your first dive. i was so happy to see you join in!