Monday, January 4, 2010

Hijacked Camera

This is what happens when Mr 7 takes over the camera. I couldn't stop laughing when he handed it to me and asked me to put it on the computer. Thought I would share a few of the images that captured my little photographers interest this day.

This is vehicle and caravan, illegally parked in the duck pond. Complete with someone sleeping/shot to the side of the vehicle - knowing my 2, probably shot is more like it.

His lego house. Love the window shutters.

Dudes that live in the above house. (They all look a bit cranky to me, apparently they love their new home, so maybe the caravan was a bit small for them all, or that was their mate lying on the side of the car - lol.)

Can you tell, Lego was very popular at our house today!! Lego, the absolute BEST invention by far, ever!!


Joy Heather said...

My Kids Loved Lego..and they have kids of their own now, who also play with it..i used to have boxes & boxes of the has kept kids down the ages quiet for hours i uses their imaginations as well and that as got to be a good thing...long live Lego.

'Joyce' said...

hi Joy, yes, lego is a winner all year round here. I don't think a single day passes that they don't make something out of lego. I just think there should be more pink lego, you know, for Mum. lol.