Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Resolution - The First One

Yes, I have a few resolutions, but my most important and main resolution for 2010 is to be part of the Leukaemia Foundation Shave for a Cure. My hubbie did the shave about 5 years ago now, and since he and his workmates raised some wonderful cash, I thought I would like to also one day do the shave.

As usual, 'one day' has become 5 years later, however, my hair is now long enough that I can not only shave it, but donate it for wig-making OR if someone would like to purchase my locks, they are more than welcome to pay for it, which the money will also go to the Leukaemia Foundation. My hair hasn't been permed, treated, coloured, or henna for approximately 4 years now. (and Yes!, it's driving me crazy.)

It's only hair, it will grow back, but the money raised for the Leukaemia Foundation will go towards helping a family with respite, paying for nursing care, paying for studies to continue that hopefully one day a cure can be found. Please visit my page and donate - every dollar counts.

To visit my page, go to

I have also made little notelet packs that I am selling on madeit.com.au. $1.00 from each pack is being donated to my shave fundraising. Here is a pic of some of my sets.

So far just through friends and gift giving, I have gotten a few orders, which has been wonderful, so I decided to expand my horizons and take them 'out there'. If you purchase these straight from me, the cost is $3.00 per set or 10 sets for $20.00. ($1.00 from each set, still goes to the Leukaemia Foundation) Postage will be worked out depending on destination and number ordered.

Thank you for your support.

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